I Went Shopping…



And all I got was this lousy cold!

It wasn’t in the…


And I did NOT see it on…


I most certainly did not put it in my…


But it still made it home with me.


So take care out there, be careful and stay warm, and if you do somehow get this nasty cold in your shopping bags…I wish you a speedy recovery!!


Blessings, Love, and Good Health To All!



9 comments on “I Went Shopping…

  1. That’s one of the many reasons I prefer on-line shopping. Amazon.com makes it so easy to do subscribe & save 15% off if you subscribe to buy 5 or more items at one time. The things I get there I can’t get anywhere else for as cheaply, and it’s delivered to your door (or PO Box). 🙂

  2. Oh I do hope you are feeling better, Mar. If you have Echinacea I highly recommend that as well as Vita C and lots of fluids. As for crowds, I’m not a fan as well with shopping. Yet I agree with you there are just some things you must shop for, like shoes for example. Take good care of yourself!!! ❤

    • Oh Amy…I am full on dripping, coughing, and aching. I really didn’t see it coming. But I do take herbs…one that I swear by is called Wellness Formula. You can get it at Whole Foods or a natural food store. It is fantastic for preventive, but it also helps during. Lots of tea and C too. Thanks for your input and caring. Love and Hugs!

      • You are so welcome, Mar. I now what it’s like not to be feeling well. I sneezed a few times today and said oh oh, and took Echinacea right away. I’m drinking tea right now. I will have to check out this Wellness Formula. Thank you!! Take good care! ❤

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