Change and The Catalyst



As I thought about writing this blog, the first one after a major shift in our worlds, I was unsure exactly what to say. Emotions are running high…as well as low…and uncertainty has become our bedfellow. We are faced with a path whose identity we do not know and we are about to take many unsure steps in a landscape we cannot yet see. It is unsettling…and we are not sure what to do with it all.

I wanted to write more of what I and a host of other wonderful and magical blog writers have been saying…which is the absolute truth…and that is to stay Peaceful, come from Love, and have Patience. It is so important that we make these three things our primary focus going forward. Just because what has happened has happened…does not mean we do not have Power in the situation. And we should not give up that Power in despair or loss of hope. There is always Hope and Action.

But then something else occurred to me, and it helped with my own process through this field of emotions.


We have all been saying for a long time we need this world to change, that we are headed for disaster if we don’t, and that we want to see the world living in Harmony, Love, and Prosperity. Things have been going from bad to worse…and we need to find a way out of it. So, what happens when major change needs to occur? When there is a buildup of energy, as in a volcano, or in ourselves for that matter. Think about what happens when we feel frustrated or angry but nothing happens or changes and the energy builds, and builds within us until we feel we can no longer contain it. Then someone says something or something happens and…we release it, or explode. The issue gets out and we deal with it, fix it, handle it and our emotions…change occurs…resolution follows…and it is better for the happening.

So when something needs to change but it is not happening…something else has to come along and nudge it…and then it can blow open to be acknowledged, accepted, and handled and changed. That “something” is called a Catalyst.


And almost no one, almost never, likes the Catalyst.

The Merriam Webster dictionary gives a definition of a Catalyst as: “an agent or event that speeds significant change or action; a person or thing that precipitates an event

When we call for Change, big Change…the Catalyst forms to induce that Change. We mostly never know what the Catalyst will be…and again…we never like the Catalyst…for it is always adverse in order to create movement. There has to be friction to create movement. And a Catalyst to induce movement and Change.


So perhaps we can look at the current situation as the Catalyst that precipitates great change…and make sure that the change is what we want it to be. What needed to Change has been blown wide open by a Catalyst we did not expect. It can be frightening being in the path of a Catalyst, especially at this level. BUT…with the door wide open…this is our opportunity to put into action all of the things we have been talking about and fill that space up with Love, Light, Peace, and Prosperity. In whatever way we can.



Absolutely everyone has their special gift…now is the time to use it, to be your authentic self and pour it into the world. Fill this wide open space with all those things we want and need in our world. This is what we are here for. This is our moment. Who knows what can happen if everyone does this and the energy gets moved by it. Think about it. It can Change! And then…absolutely anything can happen.


There is Hope…there is Love…and there is Action. Let us move forward in Hope, Love, and Positive Action.


Blessings and Love To All!


12 comments on “Change and The Catalyst

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Mar. The pot is boiling and within that process what was one thing will transform into another. We must stay in Love and Peace and that of course begins with ourselves. We the people must come to a decision to stop this movement of hate that has spread like a wildfire and to turn to brotherly Love and acceptance. What is happening right now on WP, FB, in the world was so shocking to my system I had to take off a few days to recover. I have a younger brother slinging out mud on FB and I sent him a message in essence saying is this how Jesus taught you to act? He is a believer or so he says, yet his actions said otherwise. I checked this morning and he is now posting more appropriate information. He heard. I will NOT tolerate hate or bullying or violence! I will not! I have faced so many battles in my personal life thus far and I am not about to back down now. Love will overcome! It is up to us who understand the concept of Unconditional Love to keep on walking it, saying it, embracing it every movement of our Lives. Not easy when emotions are running high. My answer is Mother Nature. She calms me. She balances me. She opens my “eye” to Wisdom and Beauty. Together we can reclaim our Country to live in Harmony. Beautiful post, Mar!! Keep them coming!!! ❤

    • Everything you say is so true…and well done with your brother. You made a difference and that is what we must all do…in large, small, or in between ways…it ALL counts, and comes together to form the circle of what we need. If we keep forward with our efforts, it WILL make a difference. Keep up the good work, as will I, Dear Amy! So Many Blessings to you!

      • ❤ (((HUGS))) ❤ Many Blessings to you, dear Mar. My prayer is that my siblings begin to see how we were treated as children is wrong and for them to stop acting like that. 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful post Mar.. and yes I couldn’t agree with you more, as we need to see how we are so often nudged off our comfort blankets often unexpected events do just this..
    And I loved how you described it being volcanic.. coming to a head.. Events throughout the world have often come along that are painful and chaotic and yet they have pushed us further forward upon the path we are meant to tread.
    Our own personal experiences have done this within our own lives.. Now we are seeing it happen globally..
    The weather too is a mirror of ourselves.. we often forget we are ALL of us connected and that includes us to our Earth Mother.. Her own storms growing in unexpected strength..

    Wonder post Mar..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

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