Stay Steady~Think Peace~Be Love


I am going to leave this blog up through tomorrow, with an added message to Stay Steady on your path to the Light. Do not let the negative or hostile energy sway you from what you know is true and what will help and save us. Which is Love, Light, and Peace.

Stay Steady in Love…Stay Steady in Thoughts for Peace…Stay Steady in your Light!!

Blessings and Love to All!


As we move into this weekend and next week, tensions are high and we are all thinking about what the future holds and how we are going to navigate through it all. Certainly, no matter what happens, there will be an onslaught of energy.

But also…no matter what happens…we have the power, our Personal Power…to have our immediate space and surroundings filled with what we wish it to be. We all have our Personal Space, radiating about 3 feet out and around us. Let us draw a boundary around that space and declare that within it…we will think and feel only Peace and Love. We may not be able to “get everyone” to think this way…but we can get ourselves to do so…and create the energy with which we can remain Steady…in Peace and in Love.


If each of us do this…that Peace and Love will touch the next one and grow, then touch the next one, and grow ever wider, and can then spread across the landscape and reach others. We must not allow the dark and negative energy to permeate us and cast us off our path or dim our Light.



So…no matter what…think Peace…and Be Love. It is the only thing that will keep us Balanced, Steady, and Moving in the Right Direction. Even when it looks like everything else is falling apart.




Stay in Peace…Be Love. Blessings!


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