Closer Than Farther



We all have “things” we are waiting for…events, plans, holidays, vacations, dreams to come true…etc. We even have negative situations that might loom or we know we are looking to come. I do, in fact, have one such very positive situation I am waiting for its conclusion to take place.  And then I can begin another wonderful adventure. And sometimes…shock!…I can get impatient.


But, something occurred to me over the weekend that caused me to look at it this way:

Every day, every moment, every thought…brings me one day, moment, or thought closer to what I am waiting for.


No matter what we are waiting for or looking forward to…impatience only makes it seem longer in coming. When we focus on the anxiety of waiting, and hoping for swiftness, and frustration that it is not happening in the time we wish it to…we are just adding to the anxiety and exasperation, making us edgy and cranky and cuts into our desire for daily inner peace.


If we can accept that everything comes in its own time when it is meant to, do our spiritual work for its conclusion, and relax into its inevitability…than we can retain that daily peace, let go of impatience and frustration, and stay balanced and focused on all the other things that need our attention.

Keeping the focus and belief on the outcome, goal, destination, or completion keeps us from getting entangled in impatience and wasting that energy…because what is coming will come whether we spend that time in irritation or peaceful belief.


So this is it: Every day, moment, breath…brings us ever closer to what we desire, dream, plan, or wait for. Spend that time in the belief and peace that it comes. And our quality of life gets ever richer.



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