Today…Just Breathe


A gentle reminder that when things are tough, and in this crazy world, and on a Monday…






13 comments on “Today…Just Breathe

  1. Just arrived back from yoga class at the Senior Center. Amazing how much better it make you feel. Breathing is an important part, and I was ready for a nap afterwards. Wonder what the Senior Center would think if we suggested a post-yoga nap time? 🙂

  2. HI MarDrag, Once again, opening your message touched my heart so very deeply as my little companion of over 11 yrs, Mr. Bruno, passed just a few hours ago after a long year of hospice care and love. My prayers had been to be near him when he passed into his new adventure and he was curled up next to my back (his favorite spot) with Ms. Blu on the other side of him sleeping. He was an amazing little dog and he was definitely the guardian of my Soul….he so left his paw prints on my heart. When the waves of emotions hit, I’ll remember to breath!!! Thank you & Love you…..
    Draziw of the Crystal Mtn.

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