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Sitting down to write this blog for the weekend, my mind and heart is full of woe for the state of things on our little planet and the suffering of those who inhabit her. The news is full of it (literally), yet…I am the ever hopeful, sadly optimistic creature I have always been…and I want to reach out and say…it does not have to be this way. There is so much whirling ‘round in me, wanting to spill out into words, but their eloquence would be lost in the wave of emotions I am feeling. So, I went searching in past posts for the articulation I could not muster today…and found what I want to say in pieces of several different past blogs. Some of them you are reading…as I see from my stats. So, I decided to take excerpts and combine them into this post.

I hope, with a loving heart, that you hear and feel what I so fumblingly and awkwardly want to convey and that these feeble but well intentioned words will soothe and inspire and warm you…for that is my most ardent wish. With Deepest Blessings and Love to all!


About This Energy”:

The current energy flow is knocking us around…tossing us like leaves on a windy day. We get up in the morning and try to be “normal”…but this energy that is permeating our world seeps in and begins to take over, and we are affected by it. With all that is going on around the world…this flow of energy is dastardly. Everyone is feeling it. And having a rough time managing through it. World events, weather, and personal woes have accelerated with this energy, and it “looks” like no matter what we do, it is difficult to rise above it.

The most important thing is…we do not have to allow this energy to take over our lives. Even though it is rampant and strong and permeating…we still have command over our own Personal and Sacred Spaces…and we must not let this energy lead us to believe anything else. It would have us believe that we have no choice but to succumb to it…but that is not the Truth. And does not have to be “our” truth. Once we take this in and believe it, we can do something to reinforce our energy and personal power.

Cleanse and Ground: Each time one person Cleanses, Grounds, and gets their Light shining again…it connects with another who does the same…and that gets the Light flowing again. It is so imperative that we do not let this dastardly energy win by allowing it to take residence in our lives. Yes, we must deal with it and the world’s problems and find solutions, etc…but we do not and must not allow it to become the norm. We must fight it…and fight it by using our Light and the tools we have to keep our own space, our own lives, our own hearts and souls clear. By doing this…we contribute to the collective Balance and Peace we all wish to see become reality. That reality begins with our own lives…and from there spreads and flows into the world energy.


Be the Light Force that you already are. Be Brave and Compassionate and Steady. We WILL get through this…and we WILL get to a better place. Believe!


The Core of Our Strength”:

And at our Core…is our Spiritual Warrior…our Warrior Energy. This is that Core, that place so deep down inside us that there is no end to it. Our Core is like the Core of the Earth…forever burning bright, hot, and full of Power and Energy. It is the layers of worry, doubt, and fear that we throw on top of our Core Strength that dampens the flame.

Our Core Self will never abandon us, or run out of Strength. It is built in to us, for the purpose of holding us steady. That is what a Core does…it holds what is around it steady. It is the foundation, the rock solid axis on which we spin. So…our Core Strength can never forsake us…and we should trust it and rely on it. Believe in it…and believe in ourselves.


The Wheel IS turning. Have Hope and Faith. Love and Be Loved. And strike your best Warrior pose in Strength.


“The Warrior Within”:

A Spiritual Warrior has the magic swordlike quality to cut through the cr*p…to cut away the old, stale layers to get to that True Nature. It is time to wield that sword and strike through the muck…cleanse it away…and allow the True Self to emerge. To cut away the attachments That hold us back so that we can move freely into the future. Only then will we know our True Path. And when we do this with single-mindedness and awareness…then anxiety and stress will dissolve and we will find the gift of perseverance comes to us to aid us in walking our path in Total Trust.


Seek your Source, Spiritual Warrior! Draw your Source to you, let it flow into you, and fill you with its Power, your Power. Each and every Warrior has its own Source of life, of energy…draw from that unique and powerful well of Spirit that is you…for there is no other like you…and we need You.


“Radiate Love”:

Love is the single most powerful thing that will get us out of this mess. Be Love. Radiate Love. Share Love. Allow yourself to Be Loved. Embrace Love. Give Love. Love Yourself. Love Unconditionally. Love is the opposite of hate. Make Love…and send hate packing.

From my heart to yours…


26 comments on “From The Heart

  1. Reblogged this on Dreamwalker's Sanctuary and commented:
    I am rebloging this post from the Desk of Mar Drag as it holds thoughts we all need to read right now.. In it she says
    “Be the Light Force that you already are. Be Brave and Compassionate and Steady. We WILL get through this…and we WILL get to a better place. Believe!”
    Comments will be closed here so please leave your comments on her post..
    Love and Blessings Sue xxx

  2. This world is in turmoil. Love is the only thing that can save our world. Everyone needs to take a good look at themselves and change for the better. It is hard to deal with what we see on the news – there is too much hate and this must change.

  3. Mar, I am so glad I saw this and read this post because your words are exactly true and are exactly what I have been experiencing. Between the cosmic energies I feel and the personal tragedies that have been back to back and still happening, I actually got to a point I cried telling my husband I don’t know how much more I can go on. I felt like a boxer in a ring getting punched from every direction and no matter how fast I got back up another punch came at me. My Core Love Philosophy was fast slipping and in its place despair hounded me. I prayed. I curled up one night not too long ago falling asleep with tears upon my cheeks. And the very next morning, despite the personal hits still coming, I felt a change. I felt the “Love Energy” again and darn it I was not letting go of it. I know what works for me to maintain the JOY in my Heart and that is exactly what I am doing. Now mind you I was doing those things but despair overrode and did bring me to my knees. As of today I am fighting back and I am determined to keep my eyes focused on the Nucleus of Love that has been created in our Home and the Beauty in the World. These times have been extremely turbulent and also there have been moments, dear friend, I didn’t know how much longer I could do what I do at Petals. Then God hears me and I am given a fresh current of Love Energy to keep me going. Know you are not alone and there are those like me who will not allow fear to win! Much Love and thank you from the bottom of my Heart for writing this!!! ❤

    • I am so sorry to hear about your troubles dear Amy…it is a tough time for everyone and so difficult to rise out of it. I am pleased to hear you are making your way back into Light and Love. May it shroud you in a gentle calm warmth and remind you that it is always there for you. As are we. Much Love and Blessings to you! P.S. I am so glad you liked the post and the words spoke to you. Mission accomplished! 🙂

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