Back From The (Moving) Abyss



What is that I see?? A bright shining white light? Is it at the end of this proverbial tunnel “they” keep talking about? The Moving Tunnel has taken me on a long and winding road.

Oh yes…I have finally reached that light at the end of the moving tunnel…and it is good. I do not recommend moving a business and a home at the same time, but it had to be done. At the outset, I thought, no problem…better to pack it all up at once and move all at once. Half way through I started to second guess my decision…and stamina…and suddenly I was in a vortex leading to the abyss of moving darkness where boxes overtake your existence and reams of packing material attack you in your dreams. I had been, living, tasting, eating, sleeping, drinking, and everything-in-between moving for so long I began to forget what normal existence was like.


But…I survived! And out of it came some interesting revelations. First, for an old gal, I can still strut my stuff. Good to know. Second, I can pack! I became a tetris queen of fitting things in boxes and using up space. Awesome! And this brings me to the greatest realization…which was about…”Space”. And how much we think we need…and why.

I moved from a large house with a loft and plenty of room and then some for my stuff. I have gathered meaningful things I like to keep with me, of course. But moving is so great in showing us what we really need to hold onto, and what we can let go of. I decided to downsize my living space because I want to do some traveling…and because I began to realize that…I just don’t need so much “space” around me anymore. And then I started to really think…why? What has changed for me that I feel this now?


You know, we all watch and enjoy HGTV and seeing all those happy people find their dream homes and make them into just what they are looking for. One of the things I consistently hear on all of those shows from the home buyer is…”I want a lot of space”. Or, it “needs to be open”. Or, “it’s a bit tight in here but it might do”. Things of that nature. And some of the rooms they are saying that in are huge rooms with more than ample space. Like a master bedroom…for two people. How much room do you actually need to be comfortable?


And what about “Space”? What is the true meaning of “Space”? Is it just the open air we have around us…or could it mean something else, like the space we have inside us.

It was this I realized…I do not need as much space around me because all the empty spaces within me have been filled, or I am looking at them to determine what they need to be filled. I came to the conclusion that if we are cluttered and messy within…then we feel we need wide open space around us to be and breathe. BUT…I also determined, for myself at least, that having worked on myself/life issues, I have filled those empty spaces inside me and now feel I have as much space and air I need…so I do not need such grand and sweeping space around me to feel free or “open”.

Just like the peeps on these new HGTV shows about “Tiny Living”, finding tiny homes to live in so as not to take up all their money and effort on keeping a living space, but to spend that on traveling, or their hobbies, or some other worthy adventure. You know, filling themselves up with delight, happiness, and empowerment and not needing so much “stuff” to make them happy. They are happy with themselves.


An interesting concept this is…as I spent most of my life definitely not being happy with myself. I am mostly there now, but the journey continues. However, it is nice knowing I have reached a certain…comfortability with myself…and my surroundings now align with that.

It is good to be done moving…it is good to have learned this amazing lesson…and it is very good to be back here with all of you. I hope you have been well and I look forward to catching up on all your blogs!

Love and Blessings!