Humor Blog…And Moving


I’m late…I’m late…for a very important date! I am late getting today’s humor blog up, but for a good reason. I am currently in the middle of packing for two moves…business and home. Yikes! But, they are both fantastic moves so, while the work is hard, there is a little less stress. When you go with the flow of change when it appears, and you know it is the right thing for you, then everything works and it is easier. Thankfully, that is where I am at. But that also means I won’t be able to post as often for the next 2 weeks. When all is said and done, I will be back more regularly.

In the meantime…here are some funnies to get your funny bone working today. Enjoy!

And Many Blessings & Love to you All!!



Early Worm.jpg




Boob Place.jpg





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