Get Out Of The Way Self-Literally!



I have a new routine for getting my mind, body, and spirit back to optimum health after these last few years of surgeries and unpleasant health issues. Part of that routine is exercising every morning to start the day. I am not crazy about “exercising” (jumping jacks, etc) but I do like to get moving. So…I bought a Wii Sports and Dance…and have been going to town bowling, playing tennis, boxing, baseball, and dancing up a storm. THIS is the kind of exercise I like. It is fun, slightly competitive, and an awesome work out. My “fitness age” when I started was 71!! Too funny…quite a few years older than I am. Buuuut…after just a month my “fitness age” has gone down to 50, ten years younger than I am…and I guess this means I am feeling better. Yeah!

Getting moving doing something I enjoy is great. My mind is clearer, body is loosened up but tightened up where it counts, and no matter what mood I wake up in, by the time I am done with the work out…my outlook has changed and I am ready for the day. (Most of the time!)

But, a funny thing happened on the way to the Wii Tennis Court…


Now, I have written blogs before about The Self, trusting it, and especially getting out of our own way…the way of our True Self. But that concept has never been so distinct until it came bouncing in, crystal clear, in an entirely different way when I got on the Wii Tennis Court.


You see…in the game there is your character on the screen, swaggering around the top of the court, tennis racket in hand, swinging it back and forth showing off dexterity and moves…back hand, forehand…watch me jump to smack the ball! A good time and good exercise indeed. However…at the inside of the court is none other than…another Self! Yes indeed, just what I need, another Self. In theory, it should be a positive…it should help having two of me to tackle one little ball…right?! Not so! That dang little character gets in my way, swings for the ball when it is clearly mine, or distracts me by running back and forth across the court when the serve is coming at me and I have to decide,,,forehand or backhand. My forehand is crap…I have no idea why. I am trying to figure out why I can’t seem to hit the ball INTO the court with my forehand…but my backhand is blistering! I can hit anything with my backhand and send it spiraling waaay across the court in the opponent’s other direction. So I am a fairly good player…

…until that other Self gets in my way. Poignant…isn’t it?


That dang little character trips me up and I end up shouting at her to just move and get out of my way. Something I have said in my head…to myself…oh so many times. Now…here it is, right there before me, in living color. I am literally watching myself get in my way and telling myself to stop it. Oh the irony of life. What a jokester!


So, while I am getting mind, body and spirit into shape…apparently I am getting a very literal lesson on getting out of my own way as I embark on another chapter of my life. It is so perfect. Ya gotta just love how it all works sometimes, right?


Many Blessings!

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