Where’s “Mike”?


I took a day to relax yesterday and marathon one of my favorite new shows, “Grace & Frankie”. It is a Netflix series…and if you haven’t seen it yet…it is a “Must-See”. You can Google it if you don’t know it so I won’t go into detail here…but it is a very funny, very poignant and touching show about two couples of advanced age and the changes in their lives. It stars one of my favorite all time comedians…Lilly Tomlin…who delivers a magical and hilarious performance.

In one of my favorite scenes, LT has just purchased a new laptop, which she knows nothing about, including the internet, etc., so she gets a “help” phone number and calls for assistance in setting it all up.


Now, we all know what this entails. And…when was the last time we just “called” a help tech and actually got help. But I love this scene. LT gets a verrry nice computer tech on the line named “Mike”, with a gorgeous low, sultry voice, who soothes her right away by telling her to relax, he is there to help her, and not to worry, he will talk her through everything. Cut to the next scene and they are chatting about her ex-husband, kids, and she is about to send out her first tweet from her new laptop with “Mike” shouting hurrahs on the other end of the phone. I love how this “wishful thinking” writing of this scene lulls us into an, awww isn’t that nice reaction…but…

Now tell me…when have any of us ever gotten a tech like “Mike” on the phone?

I picture him to look like this…


When they all really look like this…


What we want is this…


But what we get is this…


Ultimately…all we really want…is this…


So…can someone tell me…where’s “Mike”?? Anyone? Buehler??


3 comments on “Where’s “Mike”?

  1. I remember Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. It was one of my children’s favorites. I think they wore the video tape out. 🙂

    My first computer was a Commodore 64. You couldn’t have a file over 15 pages, and had to save it quite often. I learned that after typing half of a 15 page paper just to see it disappear in front of my eyes.

    Then there was the 486. The tech person who gave me my first lesson on how to use it was a woman. She sat with me to walk through the basics and was a lot like your description of Mike.

    I didn’t know how fortunate I was to have a real person next to me until I had to call tech support. Some guy answered, sighed and asked, “Is it plugged it?” It was like he had a Ph.D in condescending. Your graphics were a riot. I can say with certainty that the “tech” I described truly showed his butt, and it wasn’t pretty. 🙂

    • “Is it plugged in?” What a douche! 🙂 Years ago you could get decent help but customer service is a long lost thing.Loved your comment and can’t believe you remember all the details about your first computers! 🙂

      • Those were but a few of the computers I’ve had over the years. 🙂

        The “plugged in” comment is a classic. They really do ask questions like that.

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