The Sigh of Acceptance



Acceptance…is such a big word. I have recently had an epiphany about some things I needed to accept in my life. These are things I have wanted to change and some that I did not believe needed change…and so I set about trying to maneuver them to be what I thought and believed they needed to be.


This, I think is hard to do…or at least difficult to discern when to do. Because we get messages that say don’t settle, or we can make anything happen, or we have the power to change anything we want to. And yet…there are those situations that, try as we might, they don’t or won’t change. So…where do we go from there?


Though it is almost always, certainly from the outset, the more difficult path…Acceptance really is the answer for those situations. I found myself spending gargantuan amounts of energy to try to make the universe see it “my way”…when in the end the transformation came in letting go and accepting, because then I could move into action, whatever that might be. Hanging on only keeps us riveted to the same place.


I fiercely tried to hide from the reality I could not control these things. I hoped and believed in my hiding place…it was furnished with all the reasons why I believed the way I did. I cluttered my life…and others…with those reasons and sometimes railed at the heavens that the higher powers did not “see” what I meant. I suffered in my lament of not being understood or heard. But how could anyone really hear me…when I was hiding?

Ultimately…there is no where to hide…because we are the stars of our lives. We play the lead in the story of our own lives. So like the movies we watch flow across a screen…accepting each scene as a part of the story that helps us understand the entire picture and its message…so are these experiences in our lives. To Accept as part of our story.



This has been, to be real, hard. But there is relief also. Relief that I no longer have to pretend that those issues I had to Accept where anything other than what they really were. And I don’t have to pretend anymore that these things were “alright”. I Accept that they weren’t, and when I did, the pressure broke…like opening a pressure cooker…and all the steam let out. Relief.

It is what it is…as I am who I am.

Blessings and Love to you all!


7 comments on “The Sigh of Acceptance

  1. I like the last meme the best. When I was having stomach problems, my doctor apologized when he could do nothing more for me. But it was KNOWING the problem that gave me the strength to first accept that it was there, and then to conquer my fear of it.

    • I am so sorry to hear of your stomach problems. I know them well! Have you tried acupuncture? It made a huge difference and helped so much. Also, Lemon Ginger Tea with probiotics. For “in the moment” stuff. I hope this helps and brings some relief to you. Blessings!

  2. Such a wonderful in-depth post, so truthfully told.. I agree we come to this understanding often reluctant to accept and let go of what we know.. Yet the moment we do, we shift a gear as we allow the flow of energy to return from our stagnant stubbornness to keep things the same.
    I have found too if we do not listen, then our health is often challenged that makes us change and shift gears as we wake up to accept new beginnings and chapters in our lives.

    Reading your comment about acupuncture… I have had it continually almost monthly since 2009.. It is life changing.. 🙂 too 🙂
    Love and Blessings Mar.. I am so pleased you have overcome all that was within your journey.. And lovely to see you in blog land again my friend


    • Thank you My Friend for your kind…and so true…words. Mind, body and spirit do truly go together and when one suffers, so do they all. I have been doing acupuncture as well most of my life. I am an alternative medicine gal from way back, tho this last bit had to go “western” for awhile. 😛 I feel we connect on so many levels and I am glad we “met”. Thank you for your love and support…and for sticking with me even when I was gone. You are a beautiful soul. Many Blessings to you! Marianne

      • What a Beautiful name Marianne… I always wondered what the Mar ending was 🙂 so pleased you are on the road to recovery Marianne.. And yes Western Medicines some times are a must, even though they are harsh on the system… But I know with your mind state as it is, You can overcome Matter with Mind.. And so you have all the tools at your brain cells to conquer of that I am sure.. 🙂
        And so pleased we met also my friend xxx Love and Hugs xx

      • How sweet…thank you. MarDrag is my name MAR plus DRAG for dragons. They have been in my life for a very long time and I have a circle of seven who have been with me for many years. My heart beats with theirs. So many of my monikers include them. Thank you too, for the lifting words. Onward and upward! 🙂 Hugs and Blessings! 🙂

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