Have Faith and Live For Today


In this crazy, chaotic, and often times harsh world we live in today, it is sometimes hard to hold on to the belief that there is still good around us. That belief takes Faith…in ourselves and in others. Remember, just because we do not see it does not mean it is not present and lurking, waiting to “be seen”. All it takes is for us to change our perspective and live in the moment…choosing to have Faith in that moment…and string those moments together to create a web of positive energy to wrap around us and carry us to the next moment. It does not matter if no one else is doing it. We must do it for ourselves, showing others by action that it is possible.

Have Faith…in your ability to Shine. And know that  your Light has purpose and effect. Live for today, in the moment, and let that inner Light glow. Blessings!

Faith 2

Leap of Faith


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