This post continues the message that…though adversity can do its best to change us and make us sad and bitter…it cannot change the inner core of who we are if we do not let it. ALWAYS be Yourself! Stand in the truth of who you really are deep within, and the adversity does not stand a chance.

Love Yourself, Trust Yourself, and Be Yourself. Nothing else matters or wins.


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Be Yourself

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“Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


Hello There! Thank you to all who are still stopping by to read and welcome to all the new readers. I am amazed to still be getting traffic and new followers. My heart is warmed by this…amid wishes I could be here more often. Hopefully, that will come soon. Meantime…here is another hump day humor blog to get your funny bone going and to give you some comic relief…as we all need it! Have a great day and Blessings and Love to you all!

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Get Up

Lose Mind



Shades of Grey





Laser Pointer

Doggie Treat

Pitbull Fight

Awesome Bubble

Be Gentle


Going through my recent difficulties, I have been through a wide range of emotions. Some…I did not know I had the capacity for. I have ALWAYS been (and continue to be) a lover of souls, accepting of others, understanding of foibles, and forgiving of harshness. But, some of the things that have happened to me have brought out feelings I would rather have had left veiled. I am getting through it all, with my True Soul intact…but I have a deeper understanding now of how people reach the depths of anger and defeat that they do. So, a lesson learned is valuable.

As I wade in this pool of uncertainty…I have continually reminded myself not to change because of it…to retain my True Heart and Soul and Mind and that, in the end…I will prevail.

So here is a gentle reminder for all of you who may be going through the same process…or are just saddened and frustrated by how the world seems to be declining into chaos, misery, and fear.

DON’T LET IT CHANGE YOU…and ultimately, we will prevail.

Blessings and Love to All!

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“Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


I am a little early for Hump Day Humor Posts, but I thought it time to get a fresh humor blog in so we can have some comic relief for all the harsh things we deal with in a day. Hope you enjoy these and get a good belly laugh out of them. Blessings and Love to all!

Wake Up

Coffee & Wine

Out of Order Sticker Funny Quote

Google Search




One Hand

Online Shopping


Guardian Angel




Poetry Corner


A little poem for us all, who find ourselves in this same place every day…Blessings!

Comp 2

On Writing

Slinking up stairs

Shadows still dark

Lighting the candle

With the strike of a spark


Pushing a button

Hear the low hum

A day before dawn

Has just begun


Thoughts come aswirl

Up from the fog

The screen light is staring

Time to write that blog!

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Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush and Go With The Flow


Flow 1

Hello My Darling Readers! Once again, I must apologize for being away for so long, especially when I thought I would be back in some form of frequency. But, alas, complications have risen and I am now “going round the mulberry bush” of endless doctors appointments and tests and more tests that lead, still, to another surgery I had hoped would be sooner than later. But…I am clinging to the bush and pushing through the brambles…determined that there is a path hiding there somewhere that leads out of this forest. I know there is…and I shall come upon it soon.

So, for inspiration today, I pulled my bag of Runes to my warm hands and plunged in in search of a message to take with us this week. Of course, the Runes in their brilliance, cast the message just as needed.

Take it with you, in your hearts, minds, and souls…and no matter what is dragging you round the mulberry bush this week...trick it…and go with the Flow instead! Wink!

Blessings and Love to you all…and See you Soon!

Flow 3

Laguz: Flow, Water, That Which Conducts (original post 4/21/14)

Message (paraphrased): Unseen powers are active here, creative and fertile powers of Nature. The attributes of this Rune are water, fluidity, the ebb and flow of tides and emotions, of careers and relationships. Laguz fulfills our need to immerse ourselves in the experience of living without having to evaluate or understand. It speaks to the desire for comfort and the satisfaction of emotional needs, to the lunar side of our nature. For, while the sun strives for differentiation, the moon draws us toward unity and merging.

This Rune often signals a time for cleansing: for revaluing, reorganizing, realigning. A Rune of deep knowing, Laguz may call you to study spiritual matters in readiness for self-transformation. Success now lies in contacting your intuitive knowing, in attuning to your own rhythms. A Rune of the Self relating rightly to the Self, Laguz signifies what alchemists called the conjunctio, or sacred marriage. In fairy tales, it is the end where the hero and heroine live happily ever after”.

Flow 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Go with the Flow. We have all heard that phrase, often! And sometimes it is not as easy as others to follow its advice. But Laguz is telling us today that, no matter what circumstances may look like, go with the Flow of what is happening. There are unseen powers and energies at work around us that help contribute to where our paths take us. It is these forces that are active when we are creating, or working to create something in our lives…a new job, a projects success, manifesting a relationship, maintaining our current path. Our job is to keep to our spiritual work on ourselves, evaluate what we think we really want from life, and stay in touch with our intuition and our own rhythms to help guide us to self-transformation.

The Flow of life is much like the flow of a river…there is a current our lives ride along on our path. The river twists and turns, and sometimes has to find a way over rocks and pebbles and obstacles…but it always trickles through and polishes those rocks until they are smooth and the Flow can resume its natural path.

So, if there are obstacles in the way, go with the Flow, and it will work itself out, naturally. We cannot push the river. It Flows at its own pace, as our lives have their pace too, and we must trust our paths, our rivers, the nature of our Flow, to instinctively know its direction. Sometimes we understand the direction, but sometimes it is not as clear until we reach the bend that takes us in that direction. It is not always possible to understand why things happen the way they do. So, we must Trust our Self and our path…and go with the Flow.