Supporting One Another


As I continue on this challenging road, one thing that makes the most difference in my ability to deal with it, is the support I receive from my most amazing daughter and the people and friends around me. I could not do this without them. So…I dedicate my post today to those angels who cradle me and lift me up and care for me.

To be sure…there have been many difficult people to deal with through this. From the emergency room, to the hospital, doctors and nurses who have forgotten their compassionate gene and why they became who they are, to insurance and supply people who have no patience and do not really care about the patient. This is why I became a Patient Advocate and now sit on a committee at the hospital to help make good changes…which have come and are still coming. I tell you, it shocked me to find the situation this bad. It had been a long while, many years, since I had had to deal with the medical industry. To my wonder and dismay, it has changed for the worse so dramatically. But, so too, can the change for good be dramatic…and I am doing what I can to help that along. I will write more on this one day.

But for today…let me shout out a grateful…Thank You…to those who have been pillars of strength and love and care to help me through this. They deserve it and so much more.

Remember to support those around you and in your life. We do not have to like the situation, but we must love the person and support them with all our might…we may need that support ourselves one day. And we must let the Universe and the Gods and Goddesses know we respect and care about…Life.

Join me today…and support someone. Lend a hand or an ear. It makes such a difference.


Support 1

Support 2

Support 3

Support 4

14 comments on “Supporting One Another

  1. Its good to know you are recovering with the help of family Mar… Although its not good that your medical system is in the state it is… We are fortunate here in the UK to have the NHS.. but even that is under great strain.. We have overloaded the system.. and its crumbling.. along with that caring Gene.. ..

    Wishing you continued progress Mar.. and I wish you A Happy HEALTHY New Year xxx Love Sue xx

    • Systems and things in place to help we humans are crumbling everywhere. It is a sad state of affairs. Having said that, when things crumble, they do that so we can pick up the positive pieces and rebuild for the better. I hope beyond all hope that we will be able to do just that. But…the crumbling comes first, and that is difficult to navigate.

      Wishing you the best of the New Year and hope that all in your life is well. Much Love and Hugs to you Sue!

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