Take A Mental Rest


I did not used to be too much of a worrier. I took things in stride and realized that life is full of ups and downs and in order to manage them, I had to look at the bigger picture when uncomfortable things happened. I wrote a bit about this here on the blog. The idea that, even though things are rough at the moment, they do not stay that way, and we always move back up the hill from the valleys and stand in the sun again.

My recent health struggles have changed this concept for me a bit…and I started to worry more, which caused me stress, which elevated my blood pressure, and made me even more uncomfortable. So…I am on a mission to change this and regain my mental balance. One trick I use when I find myself tripping over thoughts and worries is to visualize those things marching in a straight line right out of my head, leaving my mind open, quiet, and peaceful again. What tricks might you have to help yourself back to mental balance?

So my message today is…Take A Mental Break. Whatever is troubling you or causing your thoughts to obsess…let it go. March it out of your mind and take a break from it. We must not let our fears take control…and it is through our thoughts that they do.

So join me this weekend in Taking A Mental Break…find your Peace…and do something you really enjoy. Everything else can wait. And with a clear mind, we can see further to a time when these worries are not part of our existence any longer.

Enjoy your weekend! You deserve it! Blessings!

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Supporting One Another


As I continue on this challenging road, one thing that makes the most difference in my ability to deal with it, is the support I receive from my most amazing daughter and the people and friends around me. I could not do this without them. So…I dedicate my post today to those angels who cradle me and lift me up and care for me.

To be sure…there have been many difficult people to deal with through this. From the emergency room, to the hospital, doctors and nurses who have forgotten their compassionate gene and why they became who they are, to insurance and supply people who have no patience and do not really care about the patient. This is why I became a Patient Advocate and now sit on a committee at the hospital to help make good changes…which have come and are still coming. I tell you, it shocked me to find the situation this bad. It had been a long while, many years, since I had had to deal with the medical industry. To my wonder and dismay, it has changed for the worse so dramatically. But, so too, can the change for good be dramatic…and I am doing what I can to help that along. I will write more on this one day.

But for today…let me shout out a grateful…Thank You…to those who have been pillars of strength and love and care to help me through this. They deserve it and so much more.

Remember to support those around you and in your life. We do not have to like the situation, but we must love the person and support them with all our might…we may need that support ourselves one day. And we must let the Universe and the Gods and Goddesses know we respect and care about…Life.

Join me today…and support someone. Lend a hand or an ear. It makes such a difference.


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A New Year, A New Week, A New Day


Merry Greetings! As we come to the end of our holiday season, we must say goodbye to its celebrations, time off from work, and family returning home. That can bring a sense of disappointment…but remember…it is also the start of something new.

Tomorrow marks the end of the week, but too, the beginning of a new one. And it marks the beginning of a New Year, which begins with a new day… the first that we step into on our paths of finding ourselves and our happiness, love, success, and joy.

There are still struggles for sure…but in this New Year, New Week, and New Day…strive to let the past go, the past year is over and just a memory…and take the chance to Do Something Different. Big or small…Do Something Different that leads you to your passion and happiness. Let this step on the path be the one that makes the difference. I will be right there with you all too…making my first step the one that leads to health and well-being. Come with me…take my hand…I will walk beside you with a shoulder to lean on, and I may lean on yours a bit too. Something different for me!

Be Your Remarkable Self…and step into a remarkable New Day!


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