A Message To My Readers ~ If You Are Still Out There!

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Hello My Lovely Readers,

It has been some time since I have been able to post. As you know by my last post, I was faced with a rather traumatic health issue that ended up keeping me in hospital for 15 days and working with doctors to plan my recovery. The GREAT news is…I am home and, though recovery will take some months…I am well on my way back to optimum health.

I am a tough ole’ broad 🙂 and I am a good healer, so progress has been very good…though I have had to become accustomed to a “new normal” for a while. But, we adapt, don’t we, when it is necessary and we make it work so we can get back to our lives and health and well-being. Fortunately, I have had wonderful help from family and friends and that helps the process of healing even more.

It is my desire to get back to posting soon…I miss you all very much and I miss writing the messages that come to me about life and what it means to us all…which now has taken on an added layer of meaning. So, in the next week or so, I will have some new posts and will be back as often as possible. I also miss keeping up with all of your wonderful blogs, messages, and posts and will get back to reading and commenting soon.

So hang in there with me, know I think of you often and send streams of Love and Light to wrap around you in comfort as sprinkles of magic dust your dreams to make them come true.




40 comments on “A Message To My Readers ~ If You Are Still Out There!

  1. Dear Mar. I must have been reading your mind. Only yesterday I kept thinking I had not seen a post from you in ages. But since my visits on WP have been limited of late do to my own projects. I hadn’t called around. Believe it or not as I woke up this morning I thought to myself MarDrag is the first port of call to see if I’d missed you. Or as I’ve found with some of my blogs I’ve been following WP seemed to have unfollowed me. Which has happened I read to many. So as I turned on my phone this morning Here you are!!! Like the Universe heard my thoughts ! 🙂

    I am so sorry your illness left you in hospital for such a long time. But I am extremely pleased Mar that you are on the route to recovery. Family and friends especially help pull us up.

    Sending you a Mega Healing boost over the airwaves. I know your own healing powers and thoughts will soon bring back and restore much needed energy.

    Just take good care and pace yourself as you regain your strength. Much love and healing your way Blessings Sue xxXBlessings Sue xxX
    Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Virgin Media

      • Hi Mar.. Yes life has been none stop lately, and I can not get over how TIME has flown.. almost 2 months now since retirement.. which only seems like a couple of weeks.. Scary if I stop to think about it too long :-).. But cramming lots of things in and loving every minute..

        I hope you are soon feeling more your energised self Mar.. take it slowly we are all still here for you .. Hugs Sue xxx ❤

  2. I had wondered where you are although I’ve not been around for a while until the last week or so, so I didn’t realize you had been very ill and away for a long time. I’m sorry that you had a traumatic health difficulty and so glad you are on the mend. Only write when you feel able. I look forward to reading your uplifting posts again.

  3. Dear friend, I felt an urge to visit your site today as it has been a while since I had seen any new posts, and was wondering how you were. I just read that you were not feeling well and had been to hospital, so sorry to hear that, but I know you are a tough lady and you will be well soon. Sending you Love and Light. Recover well dear.
    Love Your friend

    • Hi Sue, Thanks for checking in on me. I am doing better but have to go in for a follow up surgery, so things have been a bit crazy. I have not been inspired to write for the blog…and that makes me sad…but I have so much to worry over that it is hard to be “up”. I really am doing better though, so no worries. And again, thank you for all your lovely positive energy and caring thoughts. I will be back at some point, just not sure yet when. I hope all is well with you and wish you a wonderful holiday season. Much Love to you! Mariann

      • Yes I was worried over you. and I am sorry to hear you have been going through such an ordeal.. My prayers are with you and the main thing is that you pull in your own energy… Sending you Healing vibes my friend.. and please let me know how you are doing.. If not I will be back to keep pestering you LOL.. to see how you are.. Sending much LOVE ❤ your way.. and I hope all goes well with your surgery and recovery.. You are in my thoughts always.. Love Sue xox

  4. I just saw you gravatar at Petals which means I HOPE you will be back to blogging soon. I hope you are feeling better, Mar. I know what it is like to struggle back to Balance, yet in that struggle, is where New Growth lies. I look forward to your messages. You have been missed!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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