Tuesday Affirmations ~ Precious Moments




I find this passage to be so beautiful, I had to share it. If you have not read this author, I highly recommend him. He speaks here of the whirlpools of Infinity and Eternal Life. Those are two huge concepts, and take us a lifetime to understand them. And within the huge vastness of the Universe, and the wide expanse of ideas, concepts, and visions about our Universe, how big it is and what it contains…are we Travelers, seeking our paths and trying to fit in somewhere in these cosmos.

When we look from that perspective, it shows us that, while this moment may be a small blip on the vast clock of time…it is an important moment. Make it count. Love, Live, Share these Precious Moments with all those around you. Do good in the face of so much darkness. Make your parenthesis in Eternity Precious.



4 comments on “Tuesday Affirmations ~ Precious Moments

  1. Mar this is a wonderful quote, I have read several of Paulo Coelho’s books The Alchemist is one of them.. Even his more modern set books all have within them a Spiritual message..
    I am enjoying this Moment in Eternity Mar… I so hope you are Well.. I am feeling very much more balanced my dear friend

    Hugs Sue ❤

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