Dare To Dream of a Different Life


Dream 1

Yesterday’s blog post was about New Beginnings and clearing out the old to pave the way for a new path so that new experiences and manifestations have room to come through. So too, if we want to change our lives, and the world, we must first…

Dare To Dream of a Different Life…

The greatest changes, accomplishments, and successes in our lives all begin with our dreams and desires that our life can be different. And that comes from daring to look outside the perimeter of our current existence and believing that there is something more, that our lives can be richer, fuller, and we can live more in tune to our true self, our true purpose.

Dream 3

We can get stuck on the hamster wheel of life, scurrying every day to get through. And, with the world events and concerns we are now faced with, it may be difficult to look “out there” and see that the positive and possibilities are still available. And there is some fear too, about how things may turn out. This is why it is so important now, to…

Dare To Dream of a Different Life…

Dare to imagine that our life and the life of this planet…can be different than where it looks like it is going.

Dream 6Photo Credit: Alan Watts/Found on Google Images

Great change will grow from those dreams…and those who Dare to Imagine the world a different, kinder, gentler place. We must not get mired in the negative energy and forget to DayDream…to keep our Imaginations full of the ideas, dreams, notions, and concepts that make our own individual worlds, and the greater world, a better place. From our Imaginations and Dreams are born the ways and means to make them happen. And the more we exercise our Imaginations, the greater the potential for amazing ideas to grow and manifest. And every thought and action that flows from that creates a stream of energy that pushes back the negative forces. It makes a difference. Believe that.

Dream 2

Let us fill our worlds, and the greater world, with the amazing, technicolor, spectacular, magical burst of our Imaginations to…

Dare To Dream of a Different Life.


11 comments on “Dare To Dream of a Different Life

  1. Mar, I’ve begun to realize how routine orientated I’ve become. As a result, drowning in mundan-ness, sameness. So, I’ve begun to bring some “new” into my life, one at a time, in order to have my dreams come to life. Yes, structure is needed, especially in my life caring for special cats, yet, too much of structure can restrict. You just get so used to doing things a certain way, and then one day, awake, to know this is not healthy for in reality you are suffocating. Thank you, Mar, for the confirmation and the enouragement. Bless you. Love, Amy

  2. Love it! Indeed much synchrony here; may I reblog yours later today or tomorrow? BTW I use the Alan Watts photo (didn’t catch his name before) as my personal desktop image!

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