Hitting The Pause Button


Pause 1

The dawn comes, splashing pink, orange, and purple streaks across the horizon. It is morning, and we are scrunched down in our beds amid the blankets and comfort, dreams frolicking in the misty gossamer threads of slumber. As images flash, the morning light deepens and throws fingers of dusty beams into the room, signaling the time to rise to the day. And then…Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep. A foreign sound breaks into our thoughts, insistent, demanding our attention…until we swing a hand over…and Hit The Pause Button.

While this scenario may cause us to grumble as we struggle through the mists to come to wakefulness and start the day…there is something to be said about “Hitting The Pause Button”.

Pause 2

I have been talking about this frequently lately, so I thought I would share it here. It is a trick that is helping people to manage and get command of rampant thoughts and energy that have been difficult to manage or change as we spend this gargantuan effort to stay Balanced and Peaceful through these tough, confusing, and frightening times.

Many have told me how hard it has been to get their thoughts in control. Our minds can race and thoughts can take over, going in directions we do not wish them to, causing negative feelings and energy that is also difficult to release or manage. We can also tend to take this out on others in bursts of frustration and anger. So, it occurred to me that we need an “Internal Pause Button”. And that comes in the form of a “Pause Word”.

When we catch ourselves running intense or negative dialogue in our minds, or crazy thoughts pop up and make us feel uncomfortable, or our patience runs thin and we feel like lashing out at someone or ourselves…we can hit the Pause Button with a Pause Word. Choose a word that is funny and causes a laugh, or a word that brings a smile to our lips. And when we feel our thoughts getting out of control and affecting our mood or causing an impulsive outburst…hit the Pause Word.

Pause 4

For me, it is Jello! Jello is wiggly and funny and cool and delicious. It reminds me of happier times as a child, making fun with friends and colorful, wiggly Jello. It makes me smile and giggle. And, it is random enough to catch my attention. So, when thoughts or stress creep in and I want to change them…I use my Pause Word and say Jello, Jello, Jello, Jello…over and over in my mind (much like the beep of a pause button on a clock), or out loud if I need to…and it breaks right into my thought pattern, stops it, and makes me laugh and smile…reminding me that I have control over my thoughts and I do not have to allow them to get to me, or influence me, or take over my mood.

I have been giving this little trick to my clients this week, and they are having great success with it. So, give it a try. Once the train of thought that was making you feel bad is broken, it is easier to move your thoughts in a better direction. And it goes a long way in changing the course of your mood when your mind is saying something silly, insisting that you not take those thoughts too seriously…and move on to restore Balance and Peace in your mind with the prayer, process, or technique that works for you.

Pause 3

Hitting the Pause Button on the clock in the morning gives us a few minutes to collect ourselves, fully waken, and prepare for rising to the day. Hitting the “Pause Word” in our minds also gives us those few minutes to take stock of our thoughts and change their direction…so that we can rise to the day and the challenges we face in a better light, a better mood, and with command of where our thoughts go and the energy they create within us and around us.

So have a good day….and Jello, Jello, Jello!

Pause 5


15 comments on “Hitting The Pause Button

  1. Jello -Jelly Jelly LOL.. as we English say… Wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly on a plate.. 🙂 Thank you for this tip.. Pause is certainly been my button this week Mar… and since I told my brain I was getting off the fast train track.. seems like my body has become derailed lol.. But Jello jello jello … and breathe breathe breathe…. and I will be back on track in no time.. 🙂

    Great advice .. Hugs Sue xox

    • You are English…my favorite people! I did not realize. Do you live in England? I have been trying to get there, it seems, all my life. I believe the stork dropped me on the wrong continent and I was always meant to be British! I know your history far better than my American one, LOL.

      Pausing is a good thing to do Sue, and I am glad to hear you have decided to do so. Let your body catch up with your mind as you readjust. If you need some help with that, I have some wonderful processes and meditations that I do in my work with people, and one of the purposes is to bring mind, body, and spirit together as one and in balance. I actually work with several people I have met on this blog and phone sessions work wonderfully. Part of my mission is to help we Light Beings to stay balanced and come forward. So, if I can be of assistance to you, please Dear One, let me know. You of all people deserve it!!

      Blessings to you! 🙂

      • How very generous of you Mar… I more than most should not be falling into the trap of feeling fragmented.. I used to run a meditation group.. And other Spiritual development classes. I think these last 12 months working within the environment I have which has been very draining even though I have tried my best to put into practice my own inner training..
        I think once I totally made up my mind to leave work all together and retire and just be .. Its as though my body also has slumped as old aches and pains from FMS returned..
        I am not however a giver upper LOL.. and hence set about my regime again in earnest..
        Yes I am British, and live in the middle of England Robin Hood country to be exact.. 🙂 We have some great History some good and not so good LOL 🙂

      • Listen Lady,,,those of us who teach these things need to remember that we are also subject to stress and fatigue and we should not judge ourselves for having down or off times. It is always part of our process for a reason…so I send you support and love as you take to your training and take care of yourself. If you are ever in need and I can help, I am here for you.

        “in the middle of Robin Hood country”…sigh…one day I will get there and I will never leave! I have a picture of a place in the Cotswolds, Owlpen Manor…do you know of it? It is my dream to stay there on my first visit. One day! 🙂

        Have a lovely day Sue…and may Many Blessings and Magic be part of it. Love and Hugs!

      • Roger that Mar.. LOL.. and reading your last comment again about our bodies needing to align with our minds. I would be very appreciative if you sent me along one of your meditation exercises.. I would be honoured to use it as part of my inner healing regime..
        Much love and THANK YOU!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • A long ago blog I did which shows you the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest..
        If you click the link in the blog page it will take you to Robin Hood country 🙂 And yes I know the Cotswolds, but not the Manor you speak of Beautiful countryside

        The link to my blog post in 2008 http://wp.me/p16xW7-2Y

    • Sue…I went to the link to your old blog and left a comment there. I assume you will get it, but just in case, I am posting it here too so you will see it. Thanks!
      Hi Sue…thanks for sending this link! I enjoyed the read. I have read many books about Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest…along with King Arthur tales and so forth. They are some of my most favorite, magical moments immersed in these tales and living the legends in my mind. I don’t know why I feel so connected to all things British…but like I said…I think the stork made a wrong turn when delivering me. LOL!

      I just love the lush surroundings as I currently live in a city in very warm, desert conditions. For now, it is necessary for me to be here and so I accept it…but not for too much longer…and then I shall live in my green sanctuary somewhere.

      The odd things is…my house is in a lovely little rural sub-division called…wait for it…Nottingham Hills! 🙂 You think the universe is telling me something? 🙂

      I love that we have connected in this way. It is good to connect with other Light Beings such as yourself, we have so very many things in common as I see from this blog. I look forward to many more wonderful conversations.

      Bless you for the work you do, Spiritual Warrior!
      Love and Peace!

      • WOW… well Mar, How synchronicity plays its tricks.. LOL.. Yes I did see the comment I am working my way down the list to answer and the answer showed up. The blog is the same one, just that I transferred to WP 3 yrs ago as the old blog provider Windows Live, was closing down. So all comments show up, but old ones no longer hold their links which were made before the transfer..
        I love that your rural sub-division is called Nottingham Hills.. I live 15 miins away from Sherwood Forest and only 14 miles from Nottingham City. .. I will have to point you in the direction of more woods in Sherwood 🙂

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