Weekend Inspiration ~ Creatively Create


creativity word cloud on blackboard

Happy Weekend! Whether we are left or right brain…are interested in numbers or ideas or words or art…whether we work in offices or studios or homes…we are ALL Creators. All that we do, think, and feel comes from our Creation within. Whether we are painting a masterpiece or configuring an Excel spreadsheet…we are Creating. It is our Creative side that sparks imagination and ideas that lead to manifestation and success. So…get those Creative juices flowing. Start a project you have not done in a long time, be Creative about a work solution, Create an unusual meal for dinner…whatever it is…tap into the unique Creative energy that flows through us all. And feel the rush of inspiration and joy that comes with it.

To change what is not working in this world…we will have to get Creative. Let us begin with our own lives. Have Fun and Blessings!

CR 4

CR 2

CR 1

CR 10

CR 11

CR 9

CR 5

CR 3

CR 7

CR 6

CR 8

CR 12


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