Friday Poetry ~ The Sword



I have several lovely swords I have gathered over the years. But the first one I acquired is my favorite. I found it in a movie prop shop when I worked for a major studio many years ago. It was one of many that I looked at…but it was the one that called to me, and I was compelled to bring it home. And, of course, it was the only one that was broken. As was I too at the time, and so it was kismet. I asked the sword keeper to repair it, and discovered what the symbols engraved on the hilt meant. Yes, this was the piece for me, and I felt we had had many adventures together. When I got it home, this poem came to me, as I imagined our meeting in another realm, at another time, in a land far, far away…

Sword 1

Sword 2

The Sword

There is a sword
That lay atop the hill
Seeming forgotten
Or cast aside
With no scabbard to clothe it
The sword lay bare
Shards of steel and splinters
Lay about
What tales it could tell, I pondered
As I looked upon it

Oh weary burdened sword
What battles have you seen
How came you
To be so abandoned
To this lonely field

But…What Ho!
I shall take you up
And clean and polish
Until you gleam
And fashion a scabbard
With symbols and colors of strength
With my own hands
To clothe you in the Power
You once did wield

And then
Shall I sling you across my back
And together we shall forge
The path ahead
Two wearied souls come together
Two warriors made whole
Once more

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