The Importance of Boundaries


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Yesterday’s blog post had the Armadillo sharing its message of wisdom about Boundaries. Armadillo wears its armor on its back and can fend off enemies and energy easily with that protection. Its message to us was to pay attention to our Sacred Space and set our Boundaries to protect it and keep unwanted energy from affecting us. So…let’s talk a bit about Boundaries.

First of all, we all have our individual “space” we occupy in this world, and we have a right to claim that space and protect it. In fact, it is necessary so that we can be our True Self and live our True Life. It is when we allow energy, thoughts, and words from others around us to affect us that we become confused and overwhelmed…and we lose sight of that True Self amid the chaotic energy. This is where setting Boundaries can help.

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To be clear…a Boundary is not a wall. It is not meant to shut out anyone/thing, or to keep us isolated and withdrawn in fear. A Boundary is a powerful yet subtle demarcation of our space, in which WE define what we wish to experience and how we wish to live our life. Without Boundaries, we are sponges, absorbing all the chatter and energy around us, taking it in and becoming confused as to what we really believe. Are all these thoughts ours…or do they belong to someone/thing else and we have soaked it up into our minds and made it our own. We also soak up all the chaotic negative energy that swirls around the globe as worrisome events take place. As we also do with the thoughts and judgments of family, friends, and co-workers. There is a great deal of “stuff” that we take on on a daily basis. But…what if we did not have to, and we could keep our Sacred Space clear, giving us the clarity and peace to live our Truest Life?

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Boundaries are flexible, you can see through them…but they are powerful, sturdy, and durable. Consider that a Boundary is like a mesh screen…the kind that are on our house windows. These screens allow us to open the window and have air flow through, but they keep bugs and flies and dirt from getting inside the house. They can also deter intruders. By having screens on the windows of our house, we are not stuck inside, or held back from seeing or experiencing what is outside, but we are protected from things getting inside to us. This is exactly what Boundaries do for us on an energy level.

So take a few moments every day to close your eyes, take some deep breaths, try to clear your mind…and then visualize yourself standing in the center of a circle. You have drawn this circle around you, about 6 feet out from your body. This circle defines your Sacred Space. Really manifest that circle and make it strong and defined. Know that within that circle, your Sacred Space is yours and no one elses and that you have a right to have that space be just as you desire. Within this space is your experience of life and you get to choose what to experience.

Now, around the edge of that circle, erect a mesh screen around the entire circumference. Know that the screen is durable and sturdy, because you make it so. You can see through the screen, but you also know it will protect you and keep out what you do not want in your space. Again, you have the right to make this so. It is your life and your space.

Once the screen is in place, look around your space and take everyone and everything in it and place it outside your Boundary, thereby clearing that Sacred Space just around you. As you sweep all of the thoughts, worries, problems, people, issues, and fears outside your Boundary…let it all know you are not ignoring it or pushing it away, and you will deal with it all in the right time and place and when you know the answers…but for the time being, you are moving it out of your immediate area so you can gain some clarity…and so you can have a crisp, clean, clear place to operate from. Take a deep breath and feel the relief of having cleared your space. Within that clearing, you have so much more opportunity to see things from a different perspective and to have space and time to figure things out. You will also see that…when all the “stuff” is moved outside the Boundary…what is left within it for you is your Power, Strength, Wisdom, Peace of Mind, Calm, Compassion…all the things we need that get buried under that which we absorb and get overwhelmed by. And also, we move the heavy burden of energy from the global chaos we have affecting us right now outside that Boundary…because it dampens our Inner Light…and we need that to shine now, more than ever.

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The idea is…that WE have command over our Sacred Space and what we experience. We do not have to take on anything that is not what we choose for our space. We do not have to allow people or their thoughts and judgments to affect us…nor do we have to take the chaos of the world and make it our own. We can set that outside our Boundary and choose to live in the Light of our Souls. We can stand strong and refuse to allow that energy to make us do or be something we do not want to be…unhappy, fearful, miserable, overwhelmed.

Boundaries have a subtle yet profound power…and when we set them…it makes a difference in the energy around us…and things will begin to look different as well as people around us acting different toward us. Try it and see. Practice Boundary setting on a daily basis, and see what changes in your life.

Within our Sacred Space and the Boundary around it, is the Love and Light we would live our lives by. And the Peace we seek is there too. Boundaries contain our energy from spiking everywhere and getting into other peoples space as well. It also keeps others energy from invading our space. There is enough space for everyone if we define our Sacred Space and respect the same in others. Then, we share and gently lean on each others space without invading it and taking over.

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Boundaries protect us…but they also free us…to be our True Self and True Life, as we would have it.

If anyone has questions or would like assistance with Boundary building, or anything else, this is part of the work I do in my practice. This is what I teach…and I am here for you if needed. Just email me from the contact page.

Now, set your Boundaries today, and give yourself the experience of the day that you want, not what everything/one else around you says you should have. Be You…and experience that within your crisp, clear Sacred Space!


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