Monday Message ~ Flexibility


Good morning…to the start of another week. For our Monday Message that takes us through the week, the Angel Cards by Kathy Taylor reached out to me today and an interesting one comes to my hand:

Flex Card 1

Angel Card: Flexibility

from The Desk of MarDrag:

I find this an interesting card to pull this morning, mostly because it is a message that is not always apparent. When dealing with life’s ups and downs, we may often forget about Flexibility as an option. We have our visions, and the pictures in our minds about what we want and how we want it. And we may forget to be Flexible in our thinking, so that if something does not turn out as we imagined, we can still see the benefits of the result.

Flex 1

I love words, so let’s look at the standard definition of Flexibility:
(from the Oxford American and Merriam Webster Dictionaries)

a: the quality of bending easily without breaking; the ability to be easily modified; willingness to change or compromise.
b: easily changed : able to change or to do different things; willing to change or to try different things
c: Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable; Capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage

So the message here today is…Be Flexible, and open to new ideas and ways of doing things and the possibilities of results. There are always more options and variables than the ones we are looking at in the moment. Be willing to try different things to reach our goal. And, while keeping our original vision clear, be open to something better or different to happen.

Flex 3

And, if something we are doing is not working…be Flexible enough to step out of the box and do something we would not normally do to achieve our purpose. Life requires that we grow. If we stay in the same place for too long, and especially if things are not working for us in that place, than we need to be Flexible and try something new. Or be Flexible in our thoughts and ideas.

Flex 5

It is the great Tree of Life that bends and sways when a mighty wind comes…and its branches may touch and scrape the ground at times…but when the winds change, it flows back to its original state of upright beauty and continues to grow.

Remember…we are built to bend, sway, change, and grow…but never to break. For we are Spiritual Warriors, mighty and strong, and we have the power within us to be Flexible.



6 comments on “Monday Message ~ Flexibility

  1. Hmmm……Time for me to pick another one. It will be interesting to see what I get. Thank you for the reminder with this message, Mar. As always, it is much appreciated. (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. When I was in the Peace Corps, I named our “F” word for the group “Flexibility.” We always had to be ready with Plans B, C, and D and sway with the punches. We were firm in purpose, but flexible in reaching our goals. When people are adamant and stubborn, they do not move forward.

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