Weekend Inspiration~ Love Life


Life 2

The message for our weekend is simple. Love Life. I know…Life is hard these days. We are dealing with so many variables and difficulties and aspects we did not anticipate. But…this is Our Life. Troubles, warts and all…this is the only Life we get (maybe!) and we are meant to enjoy it, to savor each moment, and to pour something wonderful and magical into each day. So, no matter what is raging around us…still shine our Light, Live with Love, and Love our Life.

Today…Live that Life with Love and Blessings. Make your day…and someone else’s. Live. Love. Shine!


LL 5

LL 7

LL 14

LL 11

LL 6

Ll 3

LL 4

LL 10

LL 9

LL 8

LL 15

LL 13

LL 1


2 comments on “Weekend Inspiration~ Love Life

  1. Good morning,
    Let’s start the day by reading this positive blog…and hopefully keeping in mind to love life 🙂

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