The Art of The Unknown


“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.” ~ Patrick Overton

“How can you know what you’re capable of if you don’t embrace the unkown?” ~ Esmerelda Santiago

“When facing a void, or the unknown – see not the emptiness, but the possibilities of what it can be filled with or what can be created.” ~ MarDrag

Unknown 3

from The Desk of MarDrag:

In yesterday’s blog, “Magic Comes”, the message spoke of the void and the mystery and power of the Unknown. I had actually wanted to write on this topic, and this seemed the perfect time. Because Magic comes from the void, the Great Mystery, where forces are at work that we are not always aware of, but those forces aid in what we want to create in our lives.

You see, we are conditioned to fear what we do not know…or what we cannot see. But…Why? What is it about the Unknown that makes us tremble with apprehension? Or an assumption that the Unknown is some terrible thing we have to fear.

Unknown 1

In our current culture, there are so many ways to find out every detail about what we want to know…and it is good to be informed, certainly. But the fallacy here is…is that, even with all of that information, we cannot predict the Unknown. The possibilities for change are always present. I feel that we often set ourselves up for disappointment by trying to “know” everything, and then things do not turn out as we had thought. No matter how informed we are, we cannot possibly predict or anticipate exactly what might occur.

And so, there is that word that leads us to fear of the Unknown…Anticipation. We vibrate with Anticipation when facing a void or the Unknown…and we call that fear. But…what if that Anticipation could be the vibration that carries us beyond the threshold of the Known into the Unknown without trepidation. Let it be the bridge that we find our footsteps landing solidly on to support us as we navigate through the Unknown. And let that bridge be the support of our Power and Intention.

And too, the Unknown is only not known until we know it.

The idea that I am trying to articulate here is…the Unknown is not so much to feared as to be Anticipated with excitement and eager Hope. As long as we don’t know what is to come…there is a plethora of possibilities that it will be wonderful and not dreadful. Or…importantly…that we can Change the current circumstances before the Unknown appears, rather than be paralyzed into inaction by fear.

Unknown 2

The Void, the Great Mystery, The Unknown tends to be seen in a cloud of anxiety, alarm, and panic. Which affects our well-being and can affect the outcome. So…what if we change our approach to the Unknown. What if we color that Anticipation with exhilaration and an eagerness to find out what comes next. What if it is marvelous, and we used up all our energy and time on worrying? And what if that causes us to miss our opportunity to use the Magic that sparks from the Unknown?

Be not afraid of the Unknown until you know there is something to fear. Until then…delight in the idea that …not Knowing opens a vast range of possibility and opportunity…and that is Magical.

Unknown 5



8 comments on “The Art of The Unknown

  1. Love IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! You reminded me of how much I love to jump into the void!!! LOVE YOUR WISDOM MARDRAG!

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