Weekend Inspiration ~ Freedom of the Self


F 16

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday. For those in the U.S., it was Independence Day for us, a day we honor our Freedom. So I wanted to make that the topic of Inspiration today…but I am talking about a different kind of Freedom.  I am talking here…about the Freedom of the Self.

Some of the strongest chains are the ones we have we put around ourselves. Our Soul, our Hearts, we imprison because we fear, or because we judge ourselves, or because we have been hurt. And when we wrap those chains around us, we take a little bit more of our Freedom…our personal Freedom…away. Consider that, within those chains we limit ourselves. But if we can be brave, and cut those chains away and deal with and heal what is held within, then we give ourselves the greatest Freedom we can have…and that is…the Freedom To Be Our True Self. With no limits. Today, be Free! Blessings!

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