Monday Message ~ The Self


Good Monday Morning! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend enjoying the summer. For our Monday Message , I turn to the Rune’s today for the nugget of wisdom we will take with us into the week. As I draw “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum to me and plunge into the bag of stones, the Rune that comes to hand is:

M 1

Mannaz: “The Self”

Message (paraphrased): “The starting point is always with the Self. The essence is water. Only clarity, willingness to change, is effective now. A correct relationship to yourself is primary, for from it flows all possible correct relationships with others and with the Divine.

Remain modest – that is the Rune’s counsel. Regardless of how great may be your merit, be yielding, devoted and moderate, for then you have true direction for your way of life.

Be in the world but not of it. That is implicit here. And yet, do not be closed, narrow or judging. Remain receptive to impulses flowing from the Divine within and without. Strive to live the ordinary life in a non-ordinary way. Remember at all times what is coming to be and passing away, and focus on that which abides. This is the time of major growth and rectification and, as a rule, rectification must come before progress.

This is not a time to seek credit for accomplishments or to focus on results. Rather, be content to do your task for the tasks sake. This is more of a problem for those whose eyes are always on the goal than it is for those who have not forgotten how to play and can more easily lose themselves in doing the work, for its own sake. Herein lies the secret of experiencing a true present.

Balancing is called for now – the Self is required to balance the Self. Nothing in excess. Know thyself.”

M 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Of all the struggles we have in life, the greatest struggle is always with the Self. We have so many aspects of life that influence our thoughts and behavior, that we are constantly dialoguing with ourselves about what, when, who, how, and why. What Mannaz is telling us today is…that all of that “stuff” is not as important as the cultivating of the relationship of the Self to the Self. That should be our primary focus…because if our relationship to our Self is healthy and in Balance…then all else flows from that relationship, and flows “rightly”.

We are conditioned to think that if we just had “this”, or if “that’ would just happen, we would be content. With that as our focus, we are always looking outside and ahead of ourselves for something to make everything “right”. But that is a fallacy…for nothing can make us happy, content, and balanced…but ourselves and our relationship with our Self.

M 3

Mannaz says, “Be in the world, but not of it”…meaning…seek to know thyself with clarity and willingness to change and progress. Learn from the world around us, but do not become embedded in its confusion. Rise above the mundane and nurture the relationship with the Divine…whatever that means to us. Because it is there that we will find the answers we seek and the contentment too. And most importantly…the Balance. (Take on the task to connect or reconnect with our Spiritual exploration and work to aid us).


And finally…take on this task, and any task in life, for the tasks sake and not for the goal. It is in the doing the task that enlightenment and accomplishment comes…the goal is the reward. It is in focusing and being in the moment with our tasks that we experience the true feeling of being present in our lives…and we will not miss important clues and messages.

So the message today is…be present in every moment of every day, take life tasks on for the sake of the task and what we learn from it and how we accomplish it, and most of all…seek to cultivate, clarify, and focus on our relationship to the Self, which leads us to the Divine and Balance so that we can live our best life. Which is what we, ultimately, all seek.

M 4



3 comments on “Monday Message ~ The Self

  1. Good morning,
    So right! The relationship with one self is important. We are withoutselves every moment of our time 🙂

    I had been reading so many books about career, and growth and improvemnt (all a out career). I had been learning some tips, adding to my experience…but one thing was bery present, the feeling that I am behind. The feeling that i should be in such a diffrent stage by now, based on my age and all i was reading. Basically, i was not helping myself reading those books. I gave myself a break from reading and i just begam reading regular books, i read a lovely fiction book, and two biographies (or memoirs). I feel that i have learned more from those! I enjoy reading, ande joyed those books just for reading not learning. But reading other people’s experiences help too. Be yourself, do what makes you happy, even if to others being yourslef and going for what makes you happy doesn’t make sense to others. Both can help you grow, make a career of it, be what you want to be at the end others will see it, or not. But they are living their lives. I also learned thay career is not everything, some can makd it a living and enjoy it so much that family take a back sit, but they dont notice it because family is not in their plans or mind so they don’t suffer or worry about it. Others do, they want the family and the friends, they are surrounded by them while they are doing what they like. I also read that people can change their mind and change their careers and adjust their lives. Nothing is set on stone. They are not failures for changing their mind or for originally going for what they want. Bottom line, being ok with themselves. All i. The books i read, went through struggles, not everything was easy, but being themselves and trusting help them get through it.

    Yes, reading those books also made me feel like at my age i shoild have done more, just like the first books i mentioned, but in them I am seeing the other part, the part you talk about. Be true to one, be good to one self, balance, a career is not what makes a person, etc, etc.

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