Weekend Inspiration ~ Life Force


LF 14

Life Force…that spark of fire and energy that lives at the Core of our being. From where Strength, Courage, Vitality, and Peace of Mind flows. Our Life Force can take many hits in a day, and it can become depleted when we face difficulties, or even just managing the negative energy that filters through the world right now. But…just like our Core Self, our Core Strength…our spark of Life Force never goes out. It is that thing that will always burn inside us…but is up to us to fan into a brilliant fire. Today, let us focus on replenishing our Life Force. Do what feeds our souls today, our Life Force. And know that, no matter how tough things get…the flame of our Life Force can never be vanquished. Let us Feel our Life Force, see it vibrate and grow, and flow through us, reminding us we are Empowered in our lives and we can rise above…anything.

Each of us has a Life Force that is Unique, Individual, and Special…there is no other like it…and it is an Important Force in the world. Without it, the Universal Fire would be missing a Valuable Flame.

Here is some inspiration to help us draw that Life Force up in full bloom. And may it be a wonderful weekend for all! Blessings!

LF 1

LF 7

LF 6

LF 4

LF 9

LF 12

LF 3

LF 5

LF 8

LF 11

LF 2

LF 13

LF 10


6 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Life Force

  1. Good morning,
    Thank you! Good to think of. Use what’s inside us to destroy those barriers. We are enough, the world needs us this way, and this is the time for change.

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