Monday Message ~ Hope


Hope 8

“Walk on with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone” ~ Author Unknown

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend filled with thoughts of “Being Enough” (see previous post). In thinking about what I would write today for our Monday Message, I was looking for inspiration. My beautiful daughter spent the day with me yesterday, and I asked her to share her wisdom with me and tell me what message she thought people needed to hear to take into this week…and her answer was HOPE. People need Hope mom, she said. People need to know there is something worth it for holding on in this crazy, unsettling time.

I pondered on that, and agreed, that Hope was the thing we all need to hold close to our hearts and souls now. For our individual lives, and for the whole world. So I send all of us into this week with the message of Hope to cling to…with the knowledge that…it is the one thing we ALL share in. We are all united in Hope. We are never alone when we Hope because it is a universal thing that we all carry with us every day.

So raise up your thoughts of Hope today and know that you join together with many others in that ray of Hope…and feel the Love and Comfort from that. For, if there is Hope, there is Everything Possible.

Hope 1

Hope 3

Hope 4

Hope 2

Hope 5

Hope 6

Hope 7


7 comments on “Monday Message ~ Hope

  1. Dear Mar. Todays inspiration is what all of us need to hear. We are indeed being tested in the world. I was also fortunate in spending a beautiful weekend with my family. Today I’m still not back on my WP pc. But have all my paints out in a shady spot in the garden as I paint flowers and rabbits. Enjoy your week much love Sue of Dreamwalkers x0x0x0x Enjoy your week much love Sue of Dreamwalkers x0x0x0x
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