Thoughts For The Day


TH 1

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” ~ Martin Buber

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

On our Journey, our Life Path, there are Destinations we see, aspire to, and reach. Destination is what keeps us going, with the desire, hope, and success of reaching them. BUT…we cannot always know every Destination life has planned for us. Some Destinations are secret…because they either hold a tremendous reward, or a profound lesson. Those Destinations are a combination of our efforts on our Path and the forces of the Higher Powers, Destiny if you will, that guide us on our Path. If we knew every detail or every end point, than would we see a need to even make the effort? Life’s little tricks! In addition, our Paths and Destinations change all the time, depending on our Choices and Decisions.

Experiencing Life is our Purpose, the Destination is the cherry on top. And isn’t Destiny a form of the word Destination to begin with? So, it is our Destiny to reach our Destinations. That may help us worry less about how we get there and enjoy our Path more fully along the way.

TH 2a

“Even the smallest changes in our daily routine can create incredible ripple effects that expand our vision of what is possible.” ~ Charles F. Glassman

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

Sometimes, we can get in rut. We repeat the days, over and over, focusing on our obligations, work, and families, etc…and we can forget about the Magic of Life. That Magic that swirls and hangs outside our normal routine. That routine creates a circle around us, and very little gets in that is new. So, to bring Magic back into the circle, back into our lives…all we need to do…is make a small, simple change. Just start with one. Walk a different way today. Take a different route to work. Go to a different grocery store. Take up a new hobby. Reach out to someone you have not heard from in a long time. Something. One thing…Different. It is amazing how that can Create Change…and can open our vision to so many new possibilities. Get Creative. Go ahead…try it. Just to see.

TH 3

“Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.” ~ Noela Evans

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

We have all heard the phrase about “taming our dragons”…meaning overcoming our challenges to reap the rewards. It is one of my favorite quotes…because of the Dragons. I have made friends with mine, and they are now my companions and guides rather than a symbol of negativity or difficulty. Both the words Challenge and Dragon conjure apprehension, fear, and “battle” in most people. But, as the quote says, both words also hold a great gift…if we can look past the fear and face them. Dragons are formidable creatures, but are lovers of treasure, and hoard it, saving it for special gifts. If you are friends with a Dragon, it will share its treasures with you. But, it also wants to know you will cherish the gift and use it well. Challenges are much the same. They hold a gift, buried within its lesson, and if we “tame” it…that is face it straight on and, through right action, come to its resolution…then there is a sparkly, rich gem of wisdom there for our taking, to treasure and use through our life.

Wouldn’t we rather have the jewels…than a dusty path with no pebbles or hurdles at all? And it is those pebbles that buff our Spirit into the Warrior that it is. So tame and make friends with those Dragons. All that glitters…is yours.

TH 4


16 comments on “Thoughts For The Day

    • I am so sorry to hear about your cat’s injury! That is a terrible thing to have to go through. I am sending Healing Energy to you both, and hopes that it will get better soon.

      I am touched that my words helped you this morning. It is why I write them, and when they reach someone in that way, it touches me. Please, let me know if there is anything else I can do. See my contact page for info if you need anything. Hugs and Blessings!

      • Thank you SO much for sending Healing Energy, as this is what I understand! Rusty has hardened skin areas that I am encouraging to slough off and yes it is working. His toes and his paw are still so swollen, he not walking on it either. We have gone from a neglegtent vet, to our Vet pushing amputation of the leg (it really was that bad!), then hubs and I determiend to bring healing by combining allopathic medicine with Homeoapthy and hydrotherapy, then we went from there to skin grafts from our Vet …. again we said no. Every time I soak his paw, I am getting more of the hardened skin off, chunks even, and he is using his magical tongue as well. He almost died, Mar, and we still don’t know if is from a poisonous bite or a puncture from metal. All I know, when I found him, his entire left rear leg and paw were about 5 times its normal size. IF that first vet had acted aggressively I don’t think a lot of what transpired would have happened. Oh, I am not finished with this vet, believe me. I am waiting on Rusty until he is fully in the clear. Many do not realize how heavy the “mantle” gets at times when it involves life. Bless you for helping. And I mean it, Mar!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Sweet Lady…I am so sorry to hear this. But you are doing good for little Rusty. we do have much in common as I am a believer in and practice alternative medicine and homeopathy as well. Your cat is lucky to have you…and I have no doubt your love and care will heal him. Sending more energy…and to you so you have more strength to bear up under this mantle. Blessings!

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