Weekend Inspiration ~ Choices



Choices…we make them every day…and every one of them has meaning. There is so much we can say about making Choices in our lives. Some we have “control” over, some look like we do not…but it is true that…we always have a Choice about how, when, what, and why we make the them or react to their results. Choice is the one thing we always have…and that is why we should be as present as possible living our lives. Because we want to make sure that we make the best Choices we can possibly make. Remember too that…even if we make a “wrong Choice”…we can always make another one to correct it, so we need never be stuck. And, if we consider our deepest Truths when making our Choices, those will be the be the best Choices for us.

When I decided on this topic for our Weekend Inspiration and went looking for the quotes, there were so many I had a difficult time choosing them. But these spoke to me…and I hope they speak to you as well. Now…go out and make some Great Choices this weekend! Blessings!

CH  1

CH 2

CH 7

CH 10

CH 4

CH 12

CH 18

CH 9CH 16

CH 13

CH 5

CH 17

CH 15

CH 11

CH 14


12 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Choices

  1. Unbeknownst to you, these words apply so aptly to my life right now. Am I willing to stand up for Truth, just for the sake of Truth, and to prevent, hopefully, future tragedies from happening? My stomach just flipped flopped as I wrote those words, yet, this is exactly what I am about to do. Here I am again, butting heads (or about to) to right a wrong. Thank you for this encouragement. Love, Amy

      • Bless you for your support. Bless you. I need to spend time in Nature to get my solid footing back and to quiet the flutters in my stomach. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • You are most welcome. Release those flutters to Mother Nature who knows how to transform them, and let them become butterflies. If Truth is on your side, THAT is your sure footing. Step strongly and proudly. Good Luck! Blessings!

  2. Happy Saturday! 🙂

    Making better choices… Some times walking away is a better choice 🙂

    At this moment…I am happy to have new starts with the chance to make goos choices 🙂

    Thanks for the post 🙂

  3. I love love LOVE this… My job is all about allowing people to choose and Have Choice in their lives.. and each of us every minute of every day makes a choice over something, even if its just what we eat for Dinner.. 🙂
    Happiness is indeed a state of mind…. Its all to do with how we view things and in which perspective we want to hold it…
    I choose Happy any day.. and a smile over a frown….
    Thank you dear Mar… for your beautiful inspirational choices you have shared..
    Hugs Sue xox

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