Weekend Inspiration ~ Respect


Respect 13Good Morning! I hope you are all looking forward to a lovely weekend. Today’s topic was a source of many conversations this past week, as it seems this issue is coming up for many people. It is clear that Respect is suffering in the dynamic our society has taken these days. I do not want to sound preachy here…and go on about how we should Respect ourselves and others…because deep down, we all know this. But it has become increasingly difficult to keep this simple yet powerful concept alive, and in my opinion, it is one of the main reasons we have such strife in the world. We have forgotten how to Respect each other. So…this is just a gentle reminder that…everyone has their path, their troubles, their challenges…and if we can remember that and have Respect for each other…then it makes walking that path so much easier. And, of course, that Respect begins with ourselves. From Self-Respect flows Tolerance, Love, and Acceptance. Give yourself that gift today…and pass it on to others. Blessings!

Respect 3

Respect 2

Respect 9

Respect 10

Respect 5

Respect 6

Respect 4

Respect 12

Respect 11

Respect 1

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Respect 7


2 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Respect

  1. This is nice Mar. It is so true, we need to respect oursevels and others. Hope they will respect us back. It is disappointing when we are not respected in some way, but if we respect ourselves we wont let that happen. Not by disrespecting them back, but by speaking up or distance ourselves from them….and no matter what, we should not let their treatment influence our self esteem and self respect 🙂

    Happy Sunday 🙂

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