Weekend Inspiration ~ Recreation


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Happy Three Day Weekend! This is a holiday weekend, and for a lot of folks, it means three sweet days off work. For those who do not get a full weekend off, there is still some room for leisure, as holidays always bring the energy of play and recreation. And these two things are so important on our roads strewn with pebbles and bumps. For…the very reason we work so hard is to have what we want in our leisure time. BUT…we can not forget to take that leisure, or what is all the work for. Recreation rejuvenates us…it brings back the innocence of our youth…and it reminds us that we have a fun, playful side. When we let that side out to frolic, we relieve the stress of our most adult and serious side. And…we create Balance.

So, on this long holiday weekend…Have Fun! Have adventures! Create recreation! Laugh, giggle, and play…and let your worries fade away. You deserve it! Blessings!

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6 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Recreation

  1. I started the weekend yesterday, spa day with my daughter. We have to enjoy every precious moment given to us. Feeling blessed 🙂 Enjoy the Holiday weekend!

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