Monday Message ~ Scrutinize


Good Morning…and welcome to the start of another week. Today, to garner our message of wisdom to take us into the week, we seek the insight and knowledge of the animal kingdom. And so, I enlist my cards and book of “The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson. The creature that steps forward today and offers its message is:

Free Cartoon Mouse Clipart Illustration

Mouse:   “Scrutinize, Focus, Pay Attention, Honor Your Perceptions”

Message (paraphrased): “Mouse says, “I will touch everything with my whiskers in order to know it.” Paradoxically, this is both a great power and a great weakness. It is good medicine to see things up close. It is good medicine to pay attention to detail, but it is bad medicine to chew every little thing to pieces.

So-called civilization is a highly complex set of components which calls for more and more organizational skills and scrutiny. Things that might seem insignificant to others take on enormous importance to Mouse.

You should try to see a larger picture than the one staring you in the face. Develop a largesse of spirit. Try to become aware of the Dance of Life. Realize that even though you may be in Los Angeles, there is also a New York, a moon, a solar system, a galaxy, and an infinite universe.

Mouse medicine is telling you to scrutinize. Look at yourself and others carefully. And then strive to see beyond just what you see before you. There may be a greater meaning. Remember that all good things come to those who are willing to work toward wholeness. Little Mouse needs to see the big picture, but also assimilate the information the picture gives a little at a time. You can be overwhelmed if you forget to take it step by step. Slow down and stop chasing your tail or being confused by the maze and start observing the details of your present pathway.”

Mouse 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

So this message from Mouse is two-fold ~ Scrutinize and look closely…But do not move too fast or obsess on those details or we may become confused. Take it all step by step. Do not run through the maze of life favoring either side. Find the Balance.

Mouse is a small creature that lives very close to the ground. It has long whiskers that touch things and warn Mouse. It runs with its nose close to the ground, hearing and seeing every little thing. It scrutinizes its surroundings before it moves.

But…because Mouse lives so close to the ground, it has a difficult time seeing the bigger world around it. Mouse needs to look up now and again to get a better perspective. Mouse becomes confused in its maze because it is only looking at the ground right in front of it instead of the larger path before it.

Too much of either way does not make an easy path to finding our way out of the maze and to the big cheese.

Mouse 4

So, while we fine tune our focus to look at all of the crumbs in our path for signs, messages, and guidance…we must also be aware that there is the rest of the world around us that counts…and that there are greater forces at work too. Finding the Balance of both points will help us make those decisions and choices that lead us to Right Action, and doing the best for ourselves and those around us. Then we will not get stuck in a corner while smelling the delicious cheese we cannot get to.

Mouse 3Be like Mouse and Scrutinize and notice details, but do not spend so much time on those details that you lose sight of the bigger picture.


9 comments on “Monday Message ~ Scrutinize

  1. this is the fourth time a mouse has crossed my path so to speak since Saturday 🙂
    Thank you for your message….
    Take Care…You Matter…

      • Thank you I will…
        one showed up in an orchid flower that dropped. it looked like a small mouse curled up asleep, even the eye closed was distinctive…the ears were even outlines
        (that was the third one…)
        Thank you again…

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