Weekend Inspiration ~ Imagination


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When I wrote the previous post about Imagination…I realized I have written very little about it on this blog, and as I pondered on the subject, I realized just how important and necessary our Imaginations are…and how the current state of the world conditions us to forget about our Imagination and to be steeped in the harshness of reality. It occurred to me that reality becomes harsh…because we forget to use our Imagination to create that reality.

When we are children, we have no filter on our Imagination, and we see the world through that magical lens. As we grow up and face “life”, that lens gets mucked up with grime and we lose that spontaneity that keeps the Imagination alive. Or, we are told to be “realistic” about our lives and future and focus on accomplishments, money, success, and clamoring up “the ladder”. And we forget that it is within the Imagination that all of those things are born. We are taught that it is childish or unproductive to spend time in the Imagination, or daydreaming, but this is where we find our True Self…and conjure the ideas that become those successes. The Imagination sprinkles our minds with fantastic new thoughts, ideas, and positive energy and inspiration. It is where great deeds and inventions are born. And…it is where we can dream up the ideas that will help change the state our world is in right now.

So, I encourage everyone to use their Imagination. Today…in everything you do…use your Imagination. Think up great adventures while washing the dishes, ponder that next great invention, let your Imagination wander and wind through travels to places yet untouched…and let it change your life…and the world. Here are some quotes to get you started! Blessings!

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10 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Imagination

  1. The dulling of imagination of our children started, I believe, with television. Children used to read books and had to use their imagination to picture the characters and places. Children listened to radio programs and had to use their imaginations in the same way. Only the voices were provided. Then, came television, often used as a babysitter, and children no longer had to imagine much. Teenagers, watching television, receiving the pap like hungry young birds,accepted the imagination of other people instead of their own. In my senior high school English classes, I used to provide guided meditations upon occasion. The first time I took them through the inside of an object and they experienced their own imaginations, they were a little stunned. As they began to describe their imagined journeys, it was as if they had really happened. “You just took a trip with your imagination without the benefit of television or drugs,” I told them, and they laughed, but they asked for more meditations like that.

  2. I love love it!
    So true that when we were children we had more imagination and used it more. We lived imagining and day dreaming all the time, we played and enjoyed lived in a different way. Then growing up hearing “grow up” and getting reality hit us on the face, we start changing. We imagine and day dream less and less, OR we continue but we don’t let our imagination guide us. Instead we hid it, after all we are “grownup” we would be silly if we didn’t.
    So true also that we need to get that back, we need to bring back and let our imagination come out. It can bring us joy and maybe even make a new happy life.

    Thanks Mar, always so right and so good at guiding us 🙂

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