Monday Message ~ Patience


Good Monday Morning! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day. I woke seeking our message of wisdom to take us into the week, and the Runes spoke up today, wishing to send their message. As I pulled “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum to me and plunged my hand into the velvet bag that holds the stones…the one that came to hand is:

Eihwaz 1

Eihwaz: Patience, Avertive Powers

Message (paraphrased): “As we are tested we fund the power to avert blockage and defeat. At the same time, we develop in ourselves an aversion to the conduct that creates stressful situations in our lives. There appears to be blockage in your path, but even a delay may prove beneficial. Do not be overly eager to press forward. This is not a time or situation in which you can make your influence felt. Patience is the counsel Eiwahz offers.

Perseverance and foresight are called for here. The ability to foresee consequences before you act is the mark of a profound person. Avert anticipated difficulties through right action. Even more than doers, we are deciders. Once our decision is clear, the doing becomes effortless, for then the universe supports and empowers our action.

Through discomfort, growth is promoted. This may well be a trying time, certainly it is a meaningful one. Be clear, be patient, and all that is right for you will come.”

Eihwaz 4

from The Desk of MarDrag:

We are creators. And when we have a passion or a goal, we are taught to go after it with all our will and might. And, rightly so. If we want something bad enough, we have to give it our all to create or manifest it. And this is as it should be.

But, too, on that path to creation and manifestation, there is a time to allow the effort and energy we have put into play to work for us, along with the forces and powers around us that aid in our creation as well. Or…simply to allow the right place and the right time to occur so we get our maximum benefit of our creation.

Eihwaz 2

In other words…there is a time to act…and a time to be patient and wait. Not everything works in our preferred time frame or exactly as we may want it too. Most of the time when it doesn’t, there is a reason, or something even better than what we wanted waiting for us…and we may see blockage or obstacles in our path. There are times to break through those obstacles, and there are times when it is necessary to have faith and patiently wait for them to be removed by forces other than our own. We may see this as defeat…but surely it is not…as it will always lead us to another destination, perhaps more right than where we were headed.

So…we must, more than ever, listen to that inner wise voice that tells us when to act and when to have patience. When we listen to that voice, to that gut instinct, and follow it…that is called Right Action. And sometimes Right Action means to wait. We can stop ourselves from stumbling into or through something we did not have to if we had listened and waited.

If you are experiencing what appears to be blockage, defeat, or discomfort…ask yourself if action is the right move at the moment, or if Right Action would be to pause, and get a clearer picture on what is going on before you make any decisions. Because once a decision is made, movement happens. We just want that movement to be that of Right Action…which leads us to the right and best things for us.

Eihwaz 3

As the Rune says…this may be a trying time…but is surely a meaningful one too. Through adversity we grow. So take a deep breath, listen to your instinctive voice, and follow it. Consider that waiting is a type of action too. And recognize that, by averting unnecessary consequences, we reduce stress in our lives. And from this…good things will come.



20 comments on “Monday Message ~ Patience

  1. My “trying” time was last week and truth be told, I almost didn’t make it without falling. We have an animal sanctuary within our home, taking care of special needs cats. We live in a very quiet environment. Last week we had all our windows replaced, one door replaced, in other words noise from hell. I’m trying to maintain order and keeping all calm ( not succeeding ), hubs went off the deep end getting drunk ending up in an accident, and I had to continue opening gardens, very hard work. I’m going to say, very firmly, that my “test” is over, and that this week, the fruits of my patience and endurance, will manifest. *sigh* And it is so! xx Amy

      • One retreat done, one scheduled after Memorial Day. But I’ve just been called to be a Disaster Mental Health volunteer for the Red Cross at the dedication and private opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum in NYC for the next week. Positive energy will be critical for me so that I can be of great help.

      • Wow…what an honor! I will be sending much positive energy to you…but I have no doubt you will be an angel full of help and love. You could be nothing less. Good luck to you! And Blessings too!

  2. Mar, this is a well timed Rune stone to adhere too… Patience I have much of… but I need even more as I learn that not every one has the same amount of patience as I do lol 😉

    I had a fabulous weekend Mar, as I continued with a family celebration of my B’day and enjoyed a wonderful meal out with 10 of my family..
    Mothers Day for us in the UK was back in March, but I hope dear Mar you had a wonderful Day,
    I hope also you enjoy a fabulous week .. 🙂 Hugs and Blessings
    Sue xox

    • Patience is the tougher of the virtues…and we all struggle with it. I am so glad you had such a wonderful weekend and time with your family. I had a lovely day yesterday with my (grown) daughter, who is amazing. Wishing you a fabulous week as well. Many Blessings to you! 🙂

  3. Good morning 🙂

    What a nice blog Mar.

    While i wait patiently for what i know is coming (a goal or a solution to a problem) i enjoy the current situation. I feel fine and know it is best not to worry or stress out. But then i get doubts, should i be doing more? Is there something i am doing wrong? Others and their own worries tranfer to me. Well THAT is when i start feeling worry and cant wait to get “there”. I worry, i get sad and i feel bad. Luckily i pull myself together, see things for waht they are, review my contribution to my goal, think of what can i really do….then i let it go. I go back to relax and enjoy the current situation while i take some steps that are up to me…the rest is out of my power so WHY WORRY? Your words always help me Mar 🙂 those days of concerns, reading your blog and reading your words help me get back into the positive state 🙂

    • You are doing it just right Cali. Life has concerns and difficult moments…but if we can remember to always get back to our “natural state of calm” then we can manage through them so much better. You are brilliant! And thank you for your kind words. I am glad these blog posts help you. Mission accomplished! Blessings Dear One!

  4. Sowelu (the rune in the first image here) is “my rune”; one I have identified with for many years. Like the Sun that shines on all, not asking anything in return. Thanks for posting this!

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