Monday Message ~ Honesty


Good Monday Morning! For our message to start our week with today, my bowl of Angel Cards called to me, so I dipped my hand into them, swirled them ‘round and ‘round and asked what word of wisdom they would have us know that would help us start our week. This is the card that presented itself:

Honesty Card

Honesty. It has one meaning…yet it is a many faceted concept. Honesty plays an important part in all areas of our lives, and we should live by it. Often, we don’t…again, for many different reasons.

But, the picture that this card depicts is one of an Angel…facing itself in a mirror. So, there we have the most important aspect of Honesty…and that is being Honest with oneself. And too, there are many different levels of Honesty when it comes to being Honest with ourselves. But it is the most crucial thing we can do…for no matter what we consciously tell ourselves, our Honest voice will be there, sounding in the background. We must not ignore it.

And we must be truly Honest with ourselves in order to manifest what it is we truly want in our lives. Or in order to make the necessary changes that will bring about the clarity we need to discover what our True Purpose is.

So, let us look in the mirror today and ask ourselves…are we being truly Honest with the most important person in our lives…Ourselves? The answer to this question is the vehicle that will move us forward. Be Honest!


Honesty 1

6 comments on “Monday Message ~ Honesty

  1. Good morning and happy Monday.

    I honestly feel like a new day and new week brings a new begining. Every begining of a week is like a bigining of something, then you add it being the begining of the month. I honestly believe that iy is up to us to make something good out of life, and if we didnt do something last month, last week, yesterday, we can today, this week, thes month 🙂
    I know this is about honesty not beginings, but it just made me think about beginings. Also, to be honest with muself and take action…whatever that may be…to help me start that something.

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