Weekend Inspiration ~ Change


Change 11

Change…it is the one thing in life we can count on, it is the one constant that will…never Change. Whether we ask for it or not, Change will always be present in our lives. Sometimes it comes unexpected, and we must rally with strength to manage it. Or, at times, Change comes and it is good and we welcome it. We also, many times, ask and plead for Change, but we forget to consider the road to the Change we ask for, and we are surprised by circumstances and ask, why is this happening? Sometimes Change is confusing, and we do not understand it. The thing is…Change is always good because it leads us further on our path, it challenges us to look close at how we live our lives and if we are living our Truth. The only way to get to the other side of a Change…is to go through it. So, embrace Change…and flow through it with Grace…and see where it leads you. Blessings!

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15 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Change

  1. Absolutely love these quotes. Yes, change is what brings NEW into our lives, yet with every change, their is a sorrow or a fear, which if allowed, will block that change from coming in. I’m looking at change right now. And there is sorrow involved. In order to bring NEW I must say goodbye to some things that I have had in my life for more then 25 years. I call it the dark before the dawn. Have a great day and thank you for all these great quotes!!! Love, Amy

    • You are most welcome Amy. I know Change can be difficult, but there is always a Higher Purpose, a greater reason for it. Let go with Grace, and embrace the Change. You never know where it will lead you…and it is always where we are meant to go. Sometimes kicking and screaming…LOL! But go we must. Good Luck and Many Blessings to you!

      • Bless you!!! You speak Truth, for it is in the letting go and leaping off the cliff as I say it, New Growth and Treasures you didn’t even know about appear. This whole weekend I have to focus on getting my cats ready for this huge event. They know about it, I just know, and already there have been upsets. I have no idea how I will do this (keeping them calm) without the Grace of the Divine walking by my side. This is the only way I fly through Life. By Grace.

        I am really grateful for this conversation. Thank you. May your day be Blessed for it. Love, Amy

      • Between Lady Freyja and my Guardians and my Teachers, I am never alone, nor am I Ieft unprotected. Blessings upon you, this day, for taking the time to share with me words of Love and Respect. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • P.S. Allow yourself that Grief you feel in having to let go…those feelings are part of the process. Don’t talk yourself out of them, let them be and feel it all…then release it to the past with Love and Bless it for being in your life. Then open your heart and your arms for what the Universe is sending your way to fill up the space that is left open. Blessings!

      • That is exactly what I do. I do not deny the grief nor the sorrow, and in fact, I am taking pictures of what I am releasing come this Monday so that I can look at them occassionally and smile. I designed our house, and my hubs and I drew the blueprints, building our house that we live in. We are replacing windows and doors, the very ones I stained and varnished, the very ones I chose. It is a piece of me I am letting go of. Which is not always easy, but when NEW arrives, it has to have room. I am very honest with my feelings for when you stuff, that is when you get into trouble. Thank you so much for your caring heart. You touched me deeply. Bless you!! Love, Amy

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