Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


Good Morning, Good Morning! It IS that day again…and with this crazy week…I bet all of you are looking for a bit of comic relief and a good laugh. I have some great ones today…but I must begin with a special funny:

When I saw this cartoon, I laughed all the way to my toes. You see. when my (adult) daughter was about 5 years old, we were having dinner when, of course, she came to the vegetable portion of her meal. Suddenly, she was not hungry anymore, she told me with as straight a face as she could. So, I replied to her that, if she was too full to eat her vegetables that meant she was certainly too full for dessert. That little curly haired brilliant 5 year old turned to me with the most earnest look on her face and said…but mom, it is my dinner compartment that is full, my dessert compartment is still empty so I can still have that. I wanted to laugh so hard, but contained myself. However, I had no good argument back…and they say to pick your battles…so the girl won out on that one. (Payback for the “gumball machine incident” little one! YOU know!) Anyway, I had to share this and the cartoon because since then I had never heard anyone other than my daughter refer to the “stomach compartments”. Does this work on Weight Watchers? πŸ™‚ Have a Happy! Blessings!

Dessert Stomach

And Now…on with the jokes…

Snoopy Morning

Nap Tomorrow

Coffee and Wine

Lime Coconut





Mixed Drinks


No Boy

Pet Smell Flower


Cat Bath


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