Weekend Inspiration ~ Laughter


Laugh 15

They say Laughter is the best medicine…and I believe that to be true. And the quote on Thursday’s “Thoughts For The Day” post tells us to, “Do handstands. Dance. Bound up a hill. Sing with your child. Write something with a light and lifted heart. Be love, and compassion, and joy. Live life just for fun.” ~ Leo Babauta. So, let us listen to these messages and take them into our weekend. No matter what is going on in our lives, being Happy is a choice…so go out and find something to Laugh about today. Forget our troubles for a while, and give ourselves the gift of humor to relieve our stress and let our Spirits soar on the wings of mirth. It is our Purpose, to enjoy this Life…so here…I will get us started…and may your day be full of Light, Laughter and Love. Blessings to You!

Laugh 11

Laugh 8

Laugh 4

Laugh 17

Laugh 9

Laugh 16

Laugh 12

Laugh 3

Laugh 1

Business people-showing teamwork

Laugh 10

Laugh 18


2 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Laughter

  1. This is so sweet 🙂 the one about wrinkles makes me consider thigs – hhmm as i get older i will get some (or am getting some :-P) since i cant stop them, i will try to get them on the right places 🙂 :-D. I also will clense with tears and laughter.

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