Friday Poetry ~ Absentminded Me


Am 3


Sometimes I forget
Where I put my glasses
Or what I was going to say
Just walking from one room to another
Sometimes I forget
What your schedule is
This week
Or that last hard to find item
On the grocery list
And sometimes I’ll bring something up
That’s better left forgotten
I may not be my best
All the time

But, I will remember that
Birthdays are important to you
What size shoe you wear
Or that your back was hurting today
And you need a massage
I will remember not to tease you
And just how you like your shirts folded
Your way
And I will remember to tell you
I love you even more
For listening to me ramble
And for your gift of loving
Absentminded Me

~ MarDrag ~

12 comments on “Friday Poetry ~ Absentminded Me

  1. So long as those important things are remembered,, I think the absent-minded ones can be forgiven… Wishing you a wonderful Weekend Mar… just catching up.. it seems I will never catch up,
    Loved your poetry, 🙂 and I think those memory lapses happen to us all 🙂 😉 Hugs to you Sue xxx

  2. only the things the absent minded forget is the little thins that work themselves out eventually 🙂
    I like your important things to remember…
    Another work of art in showing you as just being you..
    Wonderful poem..Have a wonderful weekend!
    Take care…You Matter…

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