Thoughts For The Day


TH 1

“Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all.” ~ Ovid

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

I have written a lot about letting go of Worry…and how it really has no valid purpose. Worry does not solve anything, It does not make us feel better…it can’t cook, or sew, or think, or work, or caretake, or fix things. It is virtually useless! We cannot depend on Worry for anything. So why do we give it so much time and energy? Cast it off and break those chains, we must. We have the Power to do that. Worry only has the Power we give it. Pffft…Worry is such a wimp.

TH 2

“Too often we visit the well of divine abundance with a teacup instead of a bucket.” ~ Elinor MacDonald

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

Too often, we limit ourselves. Why? Because we think we are unworthy of all that we desire. So we say…if I only had this, I would be happy…or, please, just send me that, and I will be ok. But the Higher Powers, God, The Universe (or by whatever name you aspire to) keep telling us we can and do deserve to have it all. And sadly, we still do not believe. But if all the teachings are true…and there is unlimited divine abundance and enough for everyone…then let’s grab our buckets and fill them up. What have we got to lose? Let us open our hearts to everything, because the only one who questions our worthiness, is we ourselves.

TH 3

“Do handstands. Dance. Bound up a hill. Sing with your child. Write something with a light and lifted heart. Be love, and compassion, and joy. Live life just for fun.” ~ Leo Babauta

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

This made me Giggle. And Giggles are good…so I posted it for you all today…so you could have a Giggle too. Now…go Dance and Sing and Love and Live…just for Fun. After all, that is the true reason we are here!


10 comments on “Thoughts For The Day

  1. I learned to stop worrying when I entered the kingdom of Anxiety. It’s like the difference between a cold and the flu, but after a while you understand that the (k)nights can’t hurt you.. 🙂

  2. As always your words are filled with wisdom and truth.. Its often we are so bound up within our own worry it takes another to point it out to us.. As much as I know how thought works.. I still catch myself and have to shake myself by the shoulders now and again and tell myself to stop it… Life will take care of itself regardless.. I have taken to Singing more to myself, which to some may be a ‘Worry’ LOL… but I assured them I am still quite sane…. Just! 🙂 and so thank you for the gentle reminder to us all… 🙂 Love and Gratitude sent your way Mar.. 🙂 xxx

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