Weekend Inspiration ~ Self-Esteem



In yesterday’s post, there is a quote about Self-Esteem and Self-Worth, letting us know that it is best to look to the Self for the quality of those. And that we should not look to others or anything outside ourselves for validation of who we are and how much Self-Esteem we have for ourselves. Sometimes, this is difficult, as we have many reflections, through our work, family, spouses, circumstances, etc. But…know that, all of those “voices” do not know us like we do. We listen to those voices and often make their view our own…when it is not how we really feel.  This weekend, quiet those voices and consider our own Self-Talk, and pay attention to what our own voice says…because it is that voice within us that has the most power to make us feel good or bad about ourselves. If that inner voice tells us anything other than how magnificent we are, then lets take a deeper look at ourselves, and focus on all those magnificent and wonderful aspects of who we are. There is plenty of time to focus on the negative. (more time than we should spend!). So this weekend, let us focus on those things we love about ourselves…and let our Self-Esteem soar. Here is some inspiration to get us started. Be your Be-You-tiful selves! Blessings!

SE 1

SE 11

SE 6

SE 7

SE 3

SE 4

SE 2

SE 5

SE 10

SE 9

SE 12

SE 8


4 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Self-Esteem

  1. aww thank you!!

    I wish I had not done what you say on that second picture. I did it for so long. Because I was a kid and didn’t know better, later because I was so used to. I wish I had stop sooner, but at least I finally topped 🙂 I am happier for that.

    All the rest are so good that I do need to keep in mind 🙂

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