Friday Poetry ~ Spring


Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, the first day that Spring shows herself…though in many areas that cold old man winter is still blowing. But…the promise of warmth is upon us…and to celebrate that, I offer you a poem, and a wish for a bountiful season. Blessings!

Spring 1

Spring Goddess

She wakes

And stretches long and graceful

She reaches her arms toward the Sun

Looking, yearning for warmth

She looks upon the barren land

And searches for the Light

That will shine

And cause the blossoms to form

The grass to grow green

And the rivers to flow free of ice

Then slowly

As She wakes from her slumber

The Earth feels Her stir

Bursts forth in a song of Life

And comes alive with Her touch

The touch of

The Goddess called Spring


10 comments on “Friday Poetry ~ Spring

  1. Mar.. thank you for that beautiful inspiring poem.. The Sun is shining here today… She is certainly awake.. As her breath of wind blows strong today… But she dried all of my washing!… πŸ˜‰ So I thank the Goddess today…. She has helped me no end…. Hubby got two rows of early potatoes in the allotments too….. Spring is Here! xxxx
    Have a good weekend Mar…. xxx Hugs Sue x

  2. a perfect thought filling pom for this wonderful day…!
    Thank you for sharing another one…
    I enjoy your Friday poems, it takes awhile for me to wander back, but it is always a pleasant treat when I do…
    Thank you again for sharing…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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