Monday Message ~ A Journey and Union


Good Morning! It is time to begin another week and seek our message to take with us and guide us. For that message, the Runes spoke strongly this morning, and so I take the stones in hand, draw close “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum…and seek their words of wisdom. The stone that presented itself for today is:

Raido 1

Raido:   “A Journey, Communication, Union”

Message (paraphrased): “Raido is another Rune in the cycle of Self-Transformation. This Rune is concerned with communication, with the attunement of something that has two sides, two elements, and with the ultimate reunion that comes at the end of a journey, when what is above and what is below are united and of one mind. Moreover, this union is realized from within rather than through the force of circumstances.

Inner worth mounts here, and at such a time, we must remember that we are not intended to rely entirely upon our own power, but rather to ask what constitutes right action. Ask the teacher within. Once you are clear, you can neutralize your refusal to let right action flow through you. Not intent on movement, be content to wait, and keep removing all resistance, As the obstructions give way, all remorse arising from “trying to make it happen” disappears.

As always, the journey is toward Self-Healing, Self-Change, and Union. But the perfect union of Heaven and Earth, above and below, cannot be forced. Trust your own process – that is the essence of this Rune. Keep on cutting away illusions. Raido urges you to undertake your Journey, your Quest – and if you have already begun…to continue.”

Path Through Tunnel

from The Desk of MarDrag:

And so, steadfastly on our journeys, Raido tells us to continue…to not give up now…that the union within, of above and below, is imminent. That is, our spiritual self and our mundane physical self are within reach of union. And is that not what we strive for? To combine our spiritual life with our everyday life, and make them one, as a perfect union, so that we may live and enjoy our lives, fulfill our life’s purpose and realize our dreams. Stay with that!

Raido 4

Though we may look for answers or validation of this union from circumstances around us, Raido tells us that the realization comes from within, and not forced through what happens to us. It also tells us that we are not alone in this, that forces are at work around us, and so we must wait at times for those forces to complete their task before we can resume ours. BUT…in that waiting period, we are not idle. This is the time to work on ourselves and clear away all obstructions and resistance, to open the channel, and then ask our inner Wiser Self what is the “right action”. As we listen and continue to clear away resistance to the circumstances we are faced with, then right action can flow through us and we can let go of “trying to make it happen” and allow it to happen as it is meant to be. As it is right, for us.

Raido 5

In the post last week “The Point of Balance”, I spoke about the way to finding balance is to see a thing as the whole of what it is so we can have a better perspective on it and seek the right solution. Raido also speaks to this today, and tells us to look at the two sides as we bring them together in union to form the whole of it…and then we can understand it better and remove resistance to it in that understanding, thereby allowing the proper action to come to us.

Our life’s Journey is always toward the Self and the perfect union of above and below within. Trust that Journey, that process. If you are not sure where that Journey is taking you, stand firm, remove obstructions and resistance to it, and allow the forces without and within, above and below, to merge into a perfect flow of Power and Rightness to guide you on your Quest. And do not ever give up on that Journey. You are needed and cherished and loved.

Raido 3


6 comments on “Monday Message ~ A Journey and Union

  1. Aaww to your last words 🙂 “You are needed and cherished and loved.” It is nice to hear those words, and back at ya!

    Great post, and as usual very relatable. Be content to wait and keep removing resistance allowing forces to flow 🙂 look at me I thought i would have today off, and last night i was planing my next action. Feeling content instead of concern.

    Have a nice day!

  2. ” Raido also speaks to this today, and tells us to look at the two sides as we bring them together in union to form the whole of it…”

    I am praying that two sides in the world which are in the news right now may join together to form a whole.. Without Conflict… I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Monday message Mar.. Long may we join together in unison.. Love and Blessings xox

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