Weekend Inspiration ~ Self-Talk


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How much are we aware of, or do we really listen to, our Self-Talk? Would we say to others the things we say silently to ourselves? Would we speak to a loved one the way we speak to ourselves? And are we as hard on others as we are on ourselves?

Self-Talk is so incredibly important, and yet, it is likely we spend little time considering what that dialogue actually is and how it affects us and our growth and success. So today, let’s Listen to our inner voice, the one we have those daily conversations with, and pay close attention to what those words are. Because it is those words that make our lives what they are…and if we are unhappy with that, than let’s change the script. We write those thoughts, we create them, we manifest them…so we can do a rewrite anytime we choose.

Make the next chapter about Love of the Self, Acceptance, and Trust.  And only write the inner dialogue that supports those things. We should remember to talk to ourselves as we would a loved one…because, are we not the first one we should tell we love? Blessings!

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10 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Self-Talk

  1. So true!! Self talk is so important, part of us, so we need to turn it and keep it positive 🙂

    TGIS! 🙂 have a nice weekend…

  2. If only we would listen to the times we speak negatively to ourselves.. And pull ourselves up by our shoulders and give ourselves a good talking too.. :-).. We can be our own harshest critics.. And should remember we should nurture and love ourselves more.. Telling ourselves we are worthy of Love. and we should begin with loving our selves.. Blessings Mar.. xox Sue

    • So true. We would not let a close friend or family member speak about themselves the way we speak to ourselves sometimes…so we should not allow that in our minds either. Love…starts within and with ourselves. Blessings!

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