Thoughts For The Day

Thought 1

 “Crying is one of the highest devotional songs. One who knows crying, knows spiritual practice. If you can cry with a pure heart, nothing else compares to such a prayer.”  ~ Kripalvanandji


MarDrag’s Thoughts:


Crying is such a great purging, washing us clean, as the tears flow like a river. We feel our emotions so deeply that they command expression. This is good, because such depth needs acknowledgement. When we cry, we open our channel to be heard, by whatever Higher Power we aspire to…and it is a prayer, or plea, in its purest and most honest form. When necessary, let those tears flow and cleanse you. It is not a sign of weakness at all, but an act in courage that, no matter how raw and deep the wound goes, there is still space for hope and renewal. Those tears clear that space for us.


And…did you know that we only have enough tears to cry for 10 minutes at a time? The tear ducts empty and it takes 10 minutes for them to fill up again. Thus giving us the space for breath and repose. The intelligence of the body!


Thought 2

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”  ~ Joseph Campbell


MarDrag’s Thoughts:


We all need a Sacred Space. Sometimes it is a space in the physical, somewhere we go to find solitude and ponder and rejuvenate. But, if we do not have that space, or the time to get to it, within each of us is space to build a Sacred Space…a place we go within, built just as we would like, made just for us, where nothing and no one can get in unless we invite them. And in that Sacred Space is everything we need for ourselves…our Power, Compassion, Strength, Wisdom, and so much else. If you have not, go within and build your Sacred Space…fill it with all that you need for peace and balance…and go there often. Feed and nurture yourself from within. You will find what you need…over and over again.


Thought 3

“The power of human thought grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought.”  ~ Dan Brown


MarDrag’s Thoughts:


If you ever thought you do not make a difference, that your thoughts or actions do not count, that there is too much negativity to overcome…and so it is hopeless…read this quote. It is so true, and it could save us. Consider that, whatever you are thinking right now, thousands of other minds are on the same thought. If that is negative…so will the energy be that flows from those thoughts. Now…just imagine for a minute…a thought bubble…connected by so many minds on the same thought…and that thought is Love. Imagine that bubble spreading across the world. Just think what that could mean. Make a difference. Think Love.




15 comments on “Thoughts For The Day

  1. Wow! This as usual comes on good time.

    I did some crying last night and for no apparent reason. Actually no reason at all. I like to read that it is okay to cry. I slowly stopped crying knowing life is not bad right now and trusting that life will only get better 🙂

    Thanks for you post today and yesterday – today is a new day and full of possibilities.

  2. Dear Mar… I have cried already twice today 🙂 Tears of compassion for animals stories and for humans… I welcome my tears as they show us our feelings.. I was so interested in reading we can only shed tears for 10 minutes and then we replenish.. I had not known that fact… I know I have sobbed a river in the past.. But also I have laughed a few rivers too… 😉 Loved your bubble.. like the raindrop/tear in the puddle ever spreading outward… The Ripple effect.. xox Wonderful .. 🙂 Hugs Sue

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