Monday Message ~ Separation ~ Old To New


Good Monday Morning! I hope you all had a good weekend listening to your inner voice and building Self-Esteem. Because today’s weekly message will take a bit of courage. I took to the Runes, as they called me this morning, gathering the stones in my warm hands, I tossed them…and the Rune that presented itself is (from “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum):

Othila: Separation, Old Skins

Message (paraphrased): “This is a time of separating paths. Old skins must be shed, outmoded relationships discarded. When this Rune appears, a peeling away is called for. The proper action here is surrender, and quite possibly retreat – for there is wisdom in knowing when and how to retreat and possessing the firmness of will to carry it out.

The separating and retreat is associated with old beliefs, old ways, which we may be called upon to give up, in order to move forward. You must look closely now at what you may have proudly called a part of your background. Whether it is your attachment to your position in society, the work you do, or even your beliefs about your own nature…the separation called for now will free you to become more truly who you are.”

MM 3

from The Desk of MarDrag:

As we move along our life path, we gather information, wisdom, and form a belief system that we use as the foundation for building our life, and our path. As we grow, change, and gather more information and wisdom…those beliefs often change, or need to change. It is sometimes difficult to see this, or acknowledge that a certain belief or way of life needs to change or grow with us. We become attached to these beliefs because at some point, they served us.

MM 2

We wear the skin of all our past accomplishments and failures, and carry them with us as evidence of how we have formed our path. Othila tells us today that…some of those old skins, old beliefs, and old ways of walking our path have become outdated, and it is time to shed those that no longer work for us. It is often difficult to see this…and even more difficult to let them go, because they have been a part of us for so long…and we think if we let them go, they will change the foundation of who we are.

MM 5

But the truth is…we change. We live, learn, grow, and change…and sometimes we need to allow all of that to catch up to us, and make room for the new energy that growth brings. It does not mean we lose anything of ourselves…it simply means we recognize that the peeling back of layers of old skin, old beliefs, uncovers the new, fresh, growth beneath that wants to emerge and blossom…like the new shoots of Spring. So…this Rune is timely, as we move into the season of Spring when we pull the old, dead weeds of winter from the ground, plant new seeds, and tend to them as they shed their seedy shell and shoot up from the soil, blossoming into the beautiful foliage they always have been, tucked inside that seed.

MM 4

Othila calls for us to have the courage to shed old skins, so that new cells and new life may grow. And this will, indeed, free us to be truly who we are. As the seed is truly a blossom.

MM 6


Weekend Inspiration ~ Self-Esteem



In yesterday’s post, there is a quote about Self-Esteem and Self-Worth, letting us know that it is best to look to the Self for the quality of those. And that we should not look to others or anything outside ourselves for validation of who we are and how much Self-Esteem we have for ourselves. Sometimes, this is difficult, as we have many reflections, through our work, family, spouses, circumstances, etc. But…know that, all of those “voices” do not know us like we do. We listen to those voices and often make their view our own…when it is not how we really feel.  This weekend, quiet those voices and consider our own Self-Talk, and pay attention to what our own voice says…because it is that voice within us that has the most power to make us feel good or bad about ourselves. If that inner voice tells us anything other than how magnificent we are, then lets take a deeper look at ourselves, and focus on all those magnificent and wonderful aspects of who we are. There is plenty of time to focus on the negative. (more time than we should spend!). So this weekend, let us focus on those things we love about ourselves…and let our Self-Esteem soar. Here is some inspiration to get us started. Be your Be-You-tiful selves! Blessings!

SE 1

SE 11

SE 6

SE 7

SE 3

SE 4

SE 2

SE 5

SE 10

SE 9

SE 12

SE 8

Thoughts For The Day



TH 1

“Happiness pursued eludes, happiness given returns.” ~ Sir John Templeton
MarDrag’s Thoughts:

We may search and search, spend precious effort, time, and thought into finding Happiness…but the one way we will surely reach it…is to give…and to make someone else Happy. We have all felt that rush of Joy when we see someone smile in Happiness because of something we said or did for them. THAT, is true Happiness. Give of yourself today…and see what comes back to you.

TH 2

“They are called “SELF-worth” and “SELF-esteem” for a reason… we can’t let others decide what we are worth! Empower yourself!” ~ Jaeda DeWalt

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

Indeed, this quote is profound in pointing out the Self in those two words. Two issues we all struggle with at times. And so, we must look to the Self for its Worth and Esteem because no one can give that to us or decide for us how much we feel. It is from how we view ourselves that Worth and Esteem grow. If we leave it to others, it will never be as much as we innately know we deserve. We should measure our Self-Worth and Self-Esteem by our own barometer, and if it is low, look within to raise it. We know best who we are.

TH 3

“I am never alone wherever I am. The air itself supplies me with a century of love. When I breathe in, I am breathing in the laughter, tears, victories, passions, thoughts, memories, existence, joys, moments, and the hues of the sunlight of many tones of skin. I am breathing in the same air that was exhaled by many before me. The air that bore them life. And so, how can I ever say that I am alone?” ~ C. Joybell C.

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

I just found this quote so lovely and had to share it. It speaks of such unity, such Oneness. May we all remember we are not alone, simply because we are here, among the All.

What Of This Misery ~ An Epiphany


“I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.” ~ Martha Washington

“There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy.” ~ Dante Alighieri

“Happiness is a garden walled with glass: there’s no way in or out. In Paradise there are no stories, because there are no journeys. It’s loss and regret and misery and yearning that drive the story forward, along its twisted road.” ~ Margaret Atwood

“If there’s one thing I’ve discovered, it’s that stifling yourself will only lead to more misery. I polluted all other happiness because I was afraid to let myself create and change. You have to have courage. Real courage to explore, to fail, and to pick yourself back up again.” ~ Siobhan Vivian

Misery 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

I have been talking to people lately about Happiness and Misery. About positive and negative. And about the focus we put on one or the other, and what grows from that as a result. So many are experiencing some level of Misery in their lives and are finding it difficult to step out of it, or turn their attention to the positive and good things in their lives or in the world too. It is very easy to succumb to Misery…its tentacles reach deeply within us, and it knows just where to clutch to reach the deepest…and then twist.

Misery 3

I was in meditation the other morning, when some profound thoughts about Misery made their way into my mind. And they were this:

Misery is the sum of negative or hurtful things that have happened to us. As pain or regret or all the myriad of emotions that come from hurt, betrayal, and fear take up residence in our hearts and minds…they form a cloud of Misery. That cloud hangs above our heads and follows us, raining down on us and making us Miserable…until we can work through or break free of whatever had caused those emotions. Sometimes it is easier, and we move past it back into Happiness. But, sometimes, the path is long and arduous and full of reasons and circumstances that feed our Misery.

It is here that a revelation came to me. Misery…is our Proof! It is proof that what we went through meant something, or still does mean something. It is proof we felt something, experienced something profound and deep. It is proof of our reasons to be unhappy. It is evidence that we have suffered. And, if we let go of the Misery…are we afraid that it will negate our suffering as if it never happened? If we allow ourselves to be happy, does that mean we never suffered, or that it was not as bad as we thought? If we let go of our Misery, will it render no more meaning to that which we went through that led us to that Misery? And, if it did render our suffering meaningless…what would that mean for us? That all the steps we take toward growth and happiness in the name of pain are unfounded? And ho!…would that make us frustrated, angry, and upset to think that the rough times we have been through would end up meaning naught.

Is this why we hold onto Misery? To Prove, and have Evidence, that we have Suffered, and that it meant something, and had profound impact, on us, someone else, or the world?

Misery 4

That is a tangled web…is it not…if it be true?

For, in order to be Happy, we must relent and let go of Misery. Not that we can expel it completely, for Misery IS a part of life’s experiences…but that we live with Misery…rather than in it. And in order to do that, we have to stop wanting to prove how bad our lives have been, and start looking at what is good now, and what good we can create for the future. Nothing and no one can ever erase the circumstances we experienced or the hurt they created. And they will always mean something, because they are part of what has made us who we are today. So…they can never be negated. We…and our suffering…can never be negated as long as we have acknowledged what has transpired and the feelings it caused. But then, we need to let go.

Misery 2

We cannot escape occasional Misery. But, we can give it a different perspective. And ask ourselves…How long do we want to have to prove how bad it was/is and how right we are by living in Misery? And how soon do we want to move on and open our hearts, minds, and souls to showing how well we survived it all…and how much good we are making in our lives.

The best revenge they say…is Living Well.



Monday Message ~ Loyalty

Dog 4Good Monday Morning! As we “Spring” into this week, and in honor of the official, though not yet visible in some areas, beginning of Spring, I turn to the animal kingdom for our Monday Message in search of the wisdom that will take us into the week. So, I pull to me my “Medicine Cards ~ The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson and the card that came to hand is:

Dog 1

Dog:     “Be Loyal To Yourself, Be True To Others, Bolster Your Integrity”

Message (paraphrased):   “Dog has been considered a servant of humanity throughout history. Dog is medicine that embodies the loving gentleness of best friend and the half-wild protector energy of territorial imperative. Dog honors its gifts and is loyal to the trust placed in its care.

Canines are genuinely service-oriented animals, and are devoted to their owners with a sense of loyalty. That service and loyalty…must also be given to the Self.

Dog asks that you look at how readily your sense of loyalty is countermanded by your need for approval. There are several questions you need to consider: 1) Have I recently forgotten that I owe my allegiance to my personal truth in life?, 2) Have I denied someone who is trying to be my loyal friend?, 3) Have I been loyal and true to my goals?

Reclaim the power of Loyalty to Self and Self Truths. Become like Dog ~ Be your own best friend.”

Dog 3

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Dog has been man’s best friend forever. How long have we been our own best friend? Dog is Loyal to its owner no matter how it is treated. How much are we our own best friend no matter how we are treated or how we treat ourselves? And, how true to our Self are we, as the Dog is true to its path in life? And too, how Loyal are we to others who need us and count on us?

All good questions to add to those above. Today, Dog is calling on us to turn our attention to the Loyalty we have to our paths, to ourselves, and to others. It calls on us to take a look at the level of integrity with which we live our lives and stay true to it.

But most importantly, Dog asks us to examine the level of Loyalty we have to the Self, and our True Path, because the best friend we will find in Life…is the Self, and we must care for, nurture, feed, and protect that Self with all the loyalty a Dog would.

So treat yourself as your own best friend. Be there for yourself and your path as you would a best friend. Comfort and care for yourself as you would a best friend. Trust yourself as you would a best friend. And reclaim the Power of Loyalty…to Yourself.

Dog 2


Weekend Inspiration ~ Why Worry


Worry 1

If we really think about it…how many moments, thoughts, and energy do we spend on Worry? Also, if we think about it, how much does that Worry serve us? Does it help solve problems? Does it make us feel better? Does it bring solutions or peace? Most likely, the answers here are no. Because Worry is a rather useless emotion. It burns up energy, takes our thoughts away from creating, and makes us feel wretched about whatever it is we are Worrying about…instead of helping us.  So, what if we stopped Worrying so much…and started Trusting.

Here is a trick: In the next 15 minutes, if you can fix what you are Worrying about…go do it. Get it off your mind. But…if in the next 15 minutes you can’t do ANYTHING to solve, fix, or get rid of whatever you are Worrying about…then for that 15 minutes…do not Worry about it. For 15 minutes, allow yourself the break from Worry, because Worry will not fix it…and if you can’t in those moments, than how is Worrying going to help? All it does is tie us up in knots and rob us of our quality of life.

So try this trick today. For 15 minutes, do not Worry. Then try 15 more. Then turn that into an hour…and so on. Nothing will change or go wrong if we don’t Worry.  I think we tend to believe that if we are not Worrying then we are not taking problems seriously.  But, we can give them due energy without burning up that energy with Worry. AND…consider the abundant amount of extra energy to put towards a positive solution you will have when you funnel all of that Worry energy into something productive.

And one more thing…how many of those things we Worry about and imagine ever really come about or happen?

So, go ahead, give it a try. And have a Worry free 15 minutes…couple of hours…half a day…all day! You deserve it! Blessings!

Worry 8

worry 10

Worry 5

Worry 2

Worry 3

Worry 4

Worry 12

Worry 9

Worry 11

Worry 6

Worry 7

Friday Poetry ~ Spring


Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, the first day that Spring shows herself…though in many areas that cold old man winter is still blowing. But…the promise of warmth is upon us…and to celebrate that, I offer you a poem, and a wish for a bountiful season. Blessings!

Spring 1

Spring Goddess

She wakes

And stretches long and graceful

She reaches her arms toward the Sun

Looking, yearning for warmth

She looks upon the barren land

And searches for the Light

That will shine

And cause the blossoms to form

The grass to grow green

And the rivers to flow free of ice

Then slowly

As She wakes from her slumber

The Earth feels Her stir

Bursts forth in a song of Life

And comes alive with Her touch

The touch of

The Goddess called Spring

Thoughts For The Day

TH 1

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

With every difficulty, with every challenge, with every hardship, we learn more about how strong we are and how deep we can dip into our own resources within to manage those difficulties. Acknowledge that strength and courage, make it important that you focus on those abilities. Realize your power. Where you focus, is what grows.

Take a moment to reflect on yourself and all the qualities that make you who you are. And accept them. If there are things you want to change, then set about changing them. But the essence of who you are is your life blood. Learn to be comfortable with your essence, accepting your limitations while honoring your strengths. Put your attention on those strengths and they will grow. Just as putting attention on your weaknesses will make them grow. When you feel your mind stray to the chatter that keeps negative energy alive, consciously switch your mind to focus on one of your strengths and remind yourself of your genius in that strength. Remember, no one does it like you do! Celebrate all that you are. Be grateful for what you are blessed with in life, focus on what does work, and build on that.

And then take that moment, and accept who you are, right then and there, and if just for that moment, be good enough, know that you are the greatest you, and that you are growing all the while. Be grateful for all that you have, and for the challenges that make you more than who you thought you could be.

TH 2

There is a Divine and Infinite potential within every soul, an intimate access to the mind and the passion of the Universe.   ~ K. Allen Kay

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

The possibilities are endless. Only our “vision” can be limited. The truth is, potential has no bounds…it goes on forever….budding with possibilities. If the potential of our soul is limitless, then we have the power to make a different choice and see it succeed at any given moment of our lives. And the Universe supports that whole-heartedly.

TH 3

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”   ~ Albert Einstein

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

I love this quote…it is one of my favorites. If the fish cannot climb the tree, does that make it stupid? We should not judge ourselves for what we can not do, or what we are not, or what our limitations are….but embrace ourselves for all that we CAN do, and exactly what and who we are. Focusing on what we do not know makes us feel stupid….and takes away the courage to learn. We end up feeling inadequate, when there are so many things we DO know.  Acknowledge that you do not know everything….but that you are a genius at what you do know!


Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


Good Wednesday Morning. Are you ready for some laughs? Good! Take a break and have a chuckle…and may your day be Light and Joyful. If not the whole day…then at least the minutes you spend here having a laugh. Much Love and Blessing to you All!


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