Friday Poetry ~ Rebirth


I wrote this piece long years ago when I first embarked on my Spiritual Path, when I found it, and it found me. It was such a turning point in my life…and I lovingly share the words that flowed as that turn took place. I hope you enjoy them. Love & Blessings to you all!

Rebirth 1


I want to be reborn

From the moist fragrant soul of the earth

To be baptized in the blue waters of the ocean

And warmed by the fingers

Of the golden light of the sun

To put myself in the hands of nature

And be delivered anew

I want to sink

Into the dewy womb of the earth

And feel her arms of soil wrap round me

I seek the roots

Of the Tree of Life

So that I may grow strong and wise

From his limbs

I wish to be washed clean

By sweet pouring rain drops

Then dried by soft meadow winds

And as the Light of Spirit

Warms my trembling Soul

I shall burst forth

As a flowering bud

And be reborn


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