About That Glass

Glass 1

A new and dear blog friend (link below) had a post last week about that age ole’ saying…”Is the glass half empty or half full?” I added a quite witty and humorous comment (I thought), and chuckled my way to other blogs. But…the comment stayed on my mind and began its illustrious path along the thought process, roads and valleys of what makes sense, and came to rest on the fence of epiphany.

You see…my comment went something like this…”Well, if it is MY glass, then I have command over whether it is empty or full or in between. I can fill it, empty it, and fill it again and again, and have all the levels I like in between.”

Half-full or half-empty

See…I like that. Because really…who is asking us if we see the glass as half empty or half full? Shouldn’t we be the ones who decide how much the glass is filled? I mean, sometimes we will want it overflowing, full, and spilling over. But, sometimes we may want it empty because we have used all the liquid and we need to replenish. Or, we may need a break. And then there are the times we are working on letting go of something…so the glass half empties out so we can have room to fill it with something different. And too, there are times when the glass spills or drains a bit, and we have to wait until it is time to stick our glass under the spout again and fill it up. The idea is…the glass is always at some form of fill, empty, refill…just like life.

Glass 5

So…you see…the answer to that question someone may ask us…”Do you see the glass half empty or half full?”…should always be…”It is at exactly the level I want it to be”.

And, as this illustration so eloquently points out…the glass is really all full all the time anyway…because both air and water take up space, so the glass is never really empty to begin with.

Glass 2


And then…there is always this…

Glass 4


The blog and post that inspired this one:   http://erikslehman.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/sippin-life/


14 comments on “About That Glass

  1. To be honest, because of the blue mood I’m in this morning, I was thinking you had completely abused the half glass analogy…that is, until I got to the “really all full all the time” part. You’re quite right there, it is all part of life. That made me smile and lifted my spirit, thank you 🙂 Now, where’s the vodka?!

    • I am so sorry you are in a blue mood this morning. Sending Love & Light speeding your way!

      But I am glad you got a chuckle out of the post after all. And I am glad it made you smile. Take that into your day. And here…I am pouring you a stiff shot of that vodka now to add to your glass! Enjoy! 🙂

      Blessings to you Dear One!

  2. Loved your analogy on this one Mar and you really made me look again at the saying of the Glass being half full or half empty.. and you hit the nail on its head…. with your comment,, ”It is at exactly the level I want it to be”…. Just as we are exactly at the level we are meant to be at… If we were all the same what would we be aspiring too or learning from? The World is finding its own balance too.

    Great thought provoking post xxx Sue

  3. I like the way you said this mar… it is true that we are the captain of our ship… I would like to go a little further and imagining the abundance of everything and it all being available to me all the time… I’ll see the glass as continually overflowing with nourishment for ME… Barbara

  4. I love it! Now that’s the view I shall use. It’s right where I want it to be, and there’s room for Vodka 🙂 Lovely. Thanks for the insightful pondering, and for the link back. I do appreciate it. Blessings of Love to you.

  5. Thanks Mar, love this….sorry I am late.

    Love the ”It is at exactly the level I want it to be”…and find the last picture very funny 😛

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